Nasum: Grind To A Halt

We never got to experience what would have happened next....

The whole world through the eyes of Nasum completely changed in 2004, and I was hesitant with this interview as it was obvious the wounds were still healing.

Nasum: Australasian Tour 2012 Dates

Say hello, wave goodbye to one of Extreme music's classic bands...
Tour Dates: 
15/08/2012 - 21/08/2012

Legendary Swedish grindcore band Nasum head to our shores for the first - and only - time this August as part of their world tour to celebrate their 20th Anniversary and final fare

Nasum - Farewell Tour dates announced

'We offer nothing but blast beats and good times'

Legendary Swedish grinders Nasum have announced a limited number of farewell performances for 2012 including their first ever tour on North American soil!