Psycroptic: The Necrotic Repression Australian tour 2014

With Aborted & guests The Schoenberg Automaton

Hailing from the remote island of Tasmania, Psycroptic have progressively carved a niche all the


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Roll up, roll up - Australian metal heroes Psycroptic and King Parrot start an extensive Australian tour later this month and, thanks to the good offices of of the

Psycroptic, King Parrot: Inheriting the Sickness This Winter...

*Cough, Cough*

Two of Australia's most popular and infamous acts - Psycroptic and King Parrot - team up for the first time on the Inheriting the

The Bloodline Festival @ The HiFi (Brisbane), 17 March 2013

Amanda Brenchley Photography covered all thirteen Australian bands at Bloodline Festival. Held at the HiFi Bar in Brisbane, this all Australian metal charity festival raised money for Autism QLD. Bands donated their time, energy and music to this worthy cause organised by Maria Bloodline at Bloodline Productions.

Origin, Psycroptic, Leng Tch'e - Copenhagen, Denmark Feb 17th 2012

I came to see Psycroptic. I left remembering Origin...

I love Copenhagen. I have fond memories as every time I visit it’s always either for a gig or to hit the pubs with a mate or two.

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"The old fella next door has a fair idea I'm a world famous metaller." - An interview with Psycroptic vocalist Jason Peppiatt

Kin Oath, Mate...

When I ask if it’s Psycroptic vocalist Jason Peppiatt on the phone, I get a hearty “Sure is, mate.” from a bloke with an accent as thick as Vegem

Psycroptic - The Inherited Repression (Nuclear Blast)

Psycroptic’s new opus may divide some fans. But it’s none less than a hell of album
Release Date: 
10 Feb 2012 - 12:30pm

To be succinct: Psycroptic, largely known worldwide for classics like the brutality of  The Isle Of Disenchantment and  for the technique of Ob(Servant)