Scar Symmetry

Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

When they released Dark Matter Dimensions in 2009 I was underwhelmed. But, being a fan of the band and really wanting to like the new line-up, I persevered. I'm glad I did because Dark Matter Dimensions really started to grow on me. It's no Holographic Universe, but it's good. So now they've settled into the new line-up, what's the latest offering like?
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14 Apr 2011 - 11:30pm

I've been a fan of Scar Symmetry for a while. Their first albums didn't totally grab me, but then they released Holographic Universe in 2008 and I was hooked.

An illumination on the Unseen Empire, as told by Henrik Ohlsson

Wondering about The Unseen Empire; the new Scar Symmetry album? I catch up for a chat about it with the band's drummer Henrik Ohlsson, so you don't have to...

I was a bit worried when I heard I was to interview Henrik Ohlsson, drummer from Swedish melodic death metal outfit Scar Symmetry.

Spiralling Through The Void - Scar Symmetry on Machines, Moons and Metal

Science, technology and heavy metal are welded together for Scar Symmetry, exploring the universe with their guitars in their new album, Dark Matter Dimensions. Talking to drummer and lyricist Henrik Ohlsson, we get a glimpse into the vast inner workings of this cosmic progressive death metal outfit.

Calling Sweden from Australia feels a bit weird when your subject is dressed to the nines in blankets and jumpers and you’re sweating from places on your body you never thought existed.

Scar Symmetry release new video clip

The new video clip for the song Ascension Chamber by swedish progressive melodic death metallers Scar Symmetry is now available. Watch it here!




Scar Symmetry - Dark Matter Dimensions (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

What do the seasoned practitioners of melodic death metal in the 21st Century have in store for us, the jaded listener? Wily chops, fret-burning bravado and not much else.

Scar Symmetry open their fourth release with a triumphant flourish of regal guitar lines, heralding a new age in the band’s history.

Scar Symmetry to play this year's DreamHack Convention

Swedish progressive melodic death metallers Scar Symmetry have been confirmed to perform at this year's winter edition of DreamHack, the world's biggest digital convention event.


Scar Symmetry - new song online!

Swedish modern progressive death metallers Scar Symmetry just made another new track from their upcoming album Dark Matter Dimensions available online.


Scar Symmetry: "Dark Matter Asteroids" game now online

Swedish progressive modern metallers Scar Symmetry have just launched an exclusive online game for their upcoming masterpiece Dark Matter Dimensions.