Soilwork's Bjorn 'Speed' Strid: The Need For Mystery

You've eaten your porridge, now wash your bowl...

How is Soilwork’s vocalist Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid travelling? He’s “doin’ awesome” – and was, at the time of this interview, in Sweden.

Soilwork - Death Resonance (Nuclear Blast Records)

Death Resonance gathers together Soilwork's farthest-roaming and most-hidden masterpieces.
Release Date: 
19 Aug 2016 (All day)

With The Ride Majestic still hot off the press, I was surprised by the news of yet another number to be unleashed from Swedish melodic-death metal giants Soilwork.

Buried In Verona announce national headline tour

Buried In Verona have been through hell. Finding themselves deceived by those they trusted most and staring oblivion in the face at the end of 2014, they regrouped, recruited fresh blood and refused to let the world get the better of them.
Tour Dates: 
17/09/2015 - 04/10/2015

Blunt, brutal, fuelled by rage but above all, completely honest, Buried In Verona are primed to take their new set of anthems to their faithful and their critics in equal measure w

Buried In Verona are back.

The first single from the forthcoming album was premiered last week on triple j's 4. Can't Be Unsaid is a powerful ode to moving on despite a brutal past which is a fitting first offering from Buried In Verona.

Despite a successful 2014 album and top 20 chart debut, last year Buried In Verona found themselves staring oblivion in the face.

Soilwork: Special Show Announced in Helsinki.

New DVD to be filmed on the night!

Swedish visionary metallers Soilwork have announced a special show to take place at Circus in Helsinki, Finnland on Friday, March 21.

Mum! Soilwork's drummer Dirk Verbeuren is swearing again...

Drum clinics in China; industrial electro and side-project mayhem...

Having just returned from a festival in Slovenia, Soilwork’s drummer Dirk Verbeuren is at home in Los Angeles, gathering his energy for next week, when the band st

Björn Strid of Soilwork takes no compromises on The Living Infinite

Björn Strid explains the return of Scandinavian melancholy and the massive challenge of recording a double album with the ninth studio album from Soilwork, The Living Infinite ahead of their Australian tour this October.

When I connect through to Björn "Speed" Strid, I find out he has

'My Christmas Message? - Celebrate with a BLAST!' - The year in review with Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren

He may know a flam from a paradiddle, but Soilwork's Dirk knows a thing or two about other stuff too..

So, Dirk, its been a great year for extreme music - Best album you bought this year?

Crushtor's Predictive Guide to the Best of 2010

No - this isn't my personal top ten - it's a prediction and guide to Top Tens that are coming in across the globe as this year fades into twilight.

When you're in the game a while, you can almost anticipate what's going to be on the Top 10 lists of everyone else.