Sonata Arctica

Sonata Arctica and Ensiferum with Vanishing Point @ Billboard (Melbourne), 5 Jan 2010

Ripping down the trendy techno club from the walls, the all Finnish (well, almost) power metal extravaganza kicked its way around Melbourne, leaving Aussie metal punters craving more.

On the weekends, Billboard the Venue turns into Billboard the horrible dance party.

Sonata Arctica, Ensiferum and Vanishing Point @ The HiFi (Brisbane), 3 Jan 2010

Waiting outside The Hi-Fi at West End to get into the show, I can hear snatches of conversation from the punters lined up along with me. There's a lot of anticipation about this show, and with good reason - Sonata Arctica's first Australian show ever, supported by fellow sons of Suomi Ensiferum and Melbourne's own Vanishing Point...

I negotiate the door, enter the main room and head for the bar.

Sonata Arctica @ Sentrum Scene, (Oslo) 13 Dec 2009

Norwegian metal fans welcomed their eastern brothers.

Melodic metal is a genre relying heavily on audio quality in order to present a good gig.

Sonata Arctica signing session on tour

Finnish melodic metallers who are currently touring Europe will do a signing session before their show in Dortmund on December 2nd.

Make sure to catch Sonata Arctica at the in-store signing, and watch their amazing live performance afterwards at FZW Dortmund!

Sonata Arctica - new album certified gold in Finland

Mighty melodic heavy rockers Sonata Arctica have just released their new album called The Days Of Grays, which has just gone gold.



Two Days of No Grays - Sonata Arctica's Henkka Klingenberg

Sonata Arctica have never been to Australia before, let alone an Australian international metal festival. Keyboardist Henkka Klingenberg gives us the skinny on their upcoming tours, their new album and their... video game?

Back in the day, as many a lion-maned power metal enthusiast could attest, Finland's Sonata Arctica was the band that so many turned to when they wanted a power ballad of epic

The Metal Game(r)

Thinking back to my uni days, I figure that metalheads and gamers are more similar than they realize.

There's something to be said about metal and games. The more I talk to gamers and remembering my own gaming days (damn DRM, ruining my fun) metalheads and gamers have a lot in common.

January is Metal Month in Australia

Just Say Rock are proud to announce Metal Month, sponsored by the inaugural Screamfest Festival Australia. Due to overwhelming popular demand and an exceptional response to the recent Screamfest festival announcement, Just Say Rock will be bringing a selection of the finest acts to venues around Australia.