Steel Panther

Steel Panther: Australian Tour Dates Announced!

'Bringing the halcyon days of metal back... and rocking your genitals off in the process.

For Steel Panther, bringing the halcyon days of metal back to the world is not a job…it’s a mission statement, a modus operandi, and a way of life.

Sydney Soundwave 2012

pakman2525 goes to Sydney Soundwave 2012 with his boys and gives you his thoughts on the venue and setup, plus there's some band news in there too.

Alter Bridge and Steel Panther - Sidewaving Together!

Tickets for this will sell, sell, sell, so be ready to shell out next Friday!

Alter Bridge is fast becoming a rock juggernaut and is on the way to firmly placing itself in the rock 'n' roll pantheon forever.

Maintaining the charade with Lexxi Foxxx

The bounds of reality are blurred when interviewing Steel Panther's bassist

When I found out I would be interviewing Lexxi Foxxx, bassist with parody band Steel Panther, I was intrigued; would I be able to separate Travis Haley

Crushtor's Top 5 Metal Videos of 2009

The most cynical watcher of metal videos summons the courage to name a short-list of outstanding videos all with something in common: not a warehouse to be seen.

I have said before that metal videos pretty much suck.

Steel Panther - Feel the Steel (Universal/Island)

Crack your "Parental Advisory" stickers out, 80s retro comedy rockers Steel Panther are on the warpath - their target? Ladies. Oh, and everything pure and decent in this world. As well as "butt metal." Pass that hairspray, will ya?
Release Date: 
7 Jun 2009 - 11:30pm

A few years ago, retro was king.

Steel Panther to play exclusive UK club show this June

Tickets went on sale on sale on Friday 15th May. Be sure to get your tickets early as this will be a one off chance to see them in such an intimate venue! Additionally the band have confirmed their first ever UK festival appearance at Download on 14 June 2009.