Trigger the Bloodshed

Trigger The Bloodshed @ The Forum (Kent, England), May 2010

Trigger The Bloodshed recently toured to support the release of latest album Degenerate. Metal as Fuck was lucky enough to live a mile or so away from an intimate warm up show.

Despite the slight overuse of 'blood', 'bleeding', etc. in tonight's lineup, there's plenty of metal variety on offer.

Trigger The Bloodshed - The Great Depression (Metal Blade/Riot)

After a sub-standard debut, British death merchants Trigger The Bloodshed have returned, with some new recruits, to stamp on the faces of all their critics.

As a genre, death metal has to be one of the most difficult to break into, with fans proving insanely hard to please.

Rob Purnell, Trigger the Bloodshed's guitarist, gets down to nitty-gritties

I had the privilege of talking to Rob P. from Trigger the Bloodshed about their new release 'the Great Depression', and about their experiences with touring and success.