Mind Assault in Recession...

Does not mean no Mind Assault! It just means less of Mind Assault where we like to be – on the stages of South Africa.

Our band has never been comprised of particularly wealthy individuals, and the times are pinching us real hard. We learned in the latter half of 2008 that touring on the level at which we enjoyed it was no longer a self-financing affair as the economic crunch set in. Our ways of the past have had to be shelved in favor of survival.

But enough with the gloom. We are not unique. Patrick ran into one of his previous employers last night – a man who was running a number of his own businesses this time last year – and he is now looking for a job. In that light, Mind Assault is actually doing fairly well. We still have many plans for the future and no doubts that we will ride out this storm. We see the slowed down gigging activity as a long sought after opportunity to get back into the energetic writing of new material – and it's happening!!!

So let's recap the year so far: METAL4AFRICA SummerFest'09 was one hell of a way to kick start the year! It seems that since Whiplash in December, the mosh pit has geared up yet another notch. This has it's perks, but for some of our supporters of the fairer sex, apparently it is a little frightening... We say: “it's Heavy Metal!” Then our girlfriends say: “it's easy for you all safe up on stage.” Then we say: “Dodging Donovan's malicious bass guitar headstock is not as easy as it looks, and we all have scars to prove it – except Andries – he is actually very safe behind his kit... Bastard!” And then all agree.

Ramfest was really awesome, too. We got to camp out for three days with most of our best friends and made a ton of others, drinking, partying and headbanging till our necks were on fire. The all-metal stage was a nice touch for this large cross-genre festival and we hope it becomes tradition for future years at Ramfest. It was great to see V.O.D back in action, and to party with friends from all over the country (you know who you are)... ah, bugger it! Let's tell em: Contrast The Water, Gadabout, Erebus, Architecture Of Aggression, Facing The Gallows – our experiences of SA metal would not be the same without these swines!

About a week after Ram, we played one of our favorite hives which, regretfully, we rarely get the opportunity to visit in these more recent years. None-the-less, “Team Corner Bar” is always ready to show us a good time and vice-versa. This particular show was an Architecture Of Aggression, Rhutz and Mind Assault extravaganza of monstrous (drinking) proportions, and we had a special treat lined up for our friends in Architecture – you would not believe it unless you were there...

Finally, one of the most Epic nights of recent memory – or at least the last 10 years – was supporting the legendary Voice Of Destruction at their final show (ever) of the long awaited reunion tour at The Assembly in Cape Town. This is a night that will go down in our and many other peoples “book of heavy metal”, forever, and ever, aeternitas. We are proud to have been such an integral part of this historic event in SA metal culture. Admittedly, we feel like dirty old men at most shows we play, but at this one we were 18 again - The average age group in that mosh pit must have been 35-40 years old. Most damn impressive thing ever seen! Well done to all the veterans of metal – and thats not talking about only the band. Once again, you would not believe it unless you were there... Where the hell are these guys and gals all the rest of the time?

Needless to say, we have learned much this year already. Especially about enjoying the good times! Sadly, it is occasionally sent to us all in a nasty reminder package as to how abruptly “the good times” can end. On Saturday the 28 th of March, a friend of the band, and who was especially close to Andries lost his life in an accident. Pablo, we miss you bro, and so do many others. Not least of all, your fellow band mates and your very own Jeanne. Don't stray from your path to Valhalla, unless it is to stop off at the Great Gig in The Sky. Let's hope it's Ramfest, so we know where to find your tent when we finally arrive!!!