Bands I am obsessed with right now: The Faceless

Cos I love me some techy alien-abduction death metal.

The Faceless were one of the bands in the first Aussie Summer Slaughter tour, but because they were billed right above the local openers I only got to see them play 4 songs - boo! I'd been listening to their CD non-stop in the car for about two weeks by that point so I was pretty stoked to see them play live, but rather disappointed that it was such a short set.

There's something about them that I just find appealing - perhaps it's a combination of their technical brilliance and the sci-fi theme of their latest release Planetary Duality (yes, I am that person with all nine seasons of The X-Files on DVD). Check out Michael Keene's guitar work - the dude is amazing. I stalked him at Summer Slaughter and had a chat - really nice guy. Being a dickhead I totally forgot to get a cheesy "horns-up" photo with him though, dammit.