A Very Metal New Year

After ringing in the New Year at the Roosevelt I am eagerly awaiting our special guest this week. If all goes well a Tardy Brother or Two will be live in the studio

Obituary are about to embark on a tour of South America. Then they are hopping across the pond for some EuroThrash. This Friday, they play a warm up gig at the Crowbar in Ybor City. Join us in the Wee small hours of Sunday night for an evening with Obituary.

I am still in a hyper state from the Project 3.0 Heavy Metal Barbecue. Joey Redner of Cigar City Brewery came by with two kegs of Tampa's finest. Being a Brit, I turn my nose up at most American Beer but these were beautfiully handcrafted ales. I curse my luck at being the designated driver but my two roadies, Dr. Death and Joey tucked in. Sins of the Father opened the show - they have very impresive old school licks. I knew the party was ready to kick off when Lakelands Team Meat rolled into town TUG did not disapoint and got the people bouncing. The 100% free veggie burgers were masterfully chopped before our eyes as the TUGgers got the crowd moving. But then bizairre things started happening - no one mentioned the seven foot gorrilla in the room but slowly, the deadite crept in from the shadows. Most disturbing was Mr. Moneyshot - a sort of hunchback with a Kabuki grin. Gradually SUGGESTION took the stage with wolf boy on drums, Frankenstein? on Bass and a whole bunch of prostheticised supporters.

Maybe it was my third glass of Jai-Alia ale, or the shock and sadness in finding out my generator had died for the cause but when the pit errupted, I just had to stand back and smile. This whole event was powered by recycled oil in a diesel generator.

Please tune in tonight for Obituary - until then Keeping Metal Alive on 88.5, I am your humble servant