Interview iwth David Miller, vocalist with Hollow

A catch up with Hollow's singer David Miller before their much anticipated gig at Rosies

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Brisbane favourites Hollow will be playing with Postlife Disorder, D9 and The Dead on Friday 18th March at Rosies, Brisbane.  The gig’s getting plenty of locals fired up, and I caught up with Hollow vocalist David Miller before rehearsals to see what we can expect.

A.P: Hollow have been together, on and off, for almost 13 years; what’s the go with the Rosies gig – is it a one off or are you going on tour?

D.M: Basically we broke up about five years ago…but we still do shows.  It’s not a full time thing but we do get together every now and then and do shows.  This gig coming up [Rosies, Brisbane 18/03/2011] I think it may be a start to a few different nights where they’re bringing back a few of the older bands.

A.P:  well, you’re playing with Postlife Disorder, D9 and The Dead; they’re all pretty old school…

D.M:  Yeah, we’ve done a lot of tours with Postlife and D9.  We all work and so firth at the same time.

A.P:  yeah, it’s pretty hard…do Hollow have any plans to bring out a new album?

D.M:  Yeah, we’ve recorded and it’s being produced.  It’s been going on for the last two years pretty much.  It sounds really great and we’re really happy with it.  It’s just that we’ve all got other bands and other projects; work; family…

A.P:  Who produced the album?

D.M: Nick from Evolved.  Sorry, I’m not sure of his last name…He started a production company and we went with that.

A.P: A mate turned me onto Hollow; I really love the sound – how would you describe it?

D.M: We started out as power-groove , in the metal style I guess with a bit of a hardcore twist; that was when we had our original drummer – we’ve had three drummers now; and our second drummer was more of a cool jazz drummer.  Our songwriting just flipped and we crossed a lot more genres through jazz and reggae with a lot of poly-rhythms and cross harmonies.

A.P: Obviously you’ve gotten older, how has your writing style changed?

D.M: I guess when you’re young, you’re full of beans.  It’s like a flowing tap but as you get older it’s more quality than quantity.  Yeah, you probably take a lot more time to devise the way you’re going to get the message across.

A.P: And live gigs?  Are you still able to chuck yourself about like you used to?  I know it takes its toll on me now…

D.M: Yeah, you do notice it more.  As you get older, your metabolism slows, and again you’re not as full of beans but once you’re up there…man, something happens! Something happens to you…our last show I went in thinking I’m not going to jump around too much because I really want to focus on the singing but it always happens; you become a different character and it’s a different persona; with the music something happens and it gets quite emotional, I guess…

A.P: Do you have more gigs lined up after Rosies, or will it just be the occasional gig for Hollow?

D.M: Yeah, just occasional.  It depends on the size of the stage or the venue, we feel as we get older we want to do more things that we enjoy instead of bending over backwards to please other people.  Depends on the money as well! How much is being offered!

A.P: Well, you’ve played some pretty big gigs…

D.M: Yeah but it’s just good to get together.  It’s always really, really good.  We’ve enjoyed jamming and getting together for the last four or five weeks – it’s just good to see each other and everything works and everything clicks. Our last show, just last week; we did a surprise gig, unannounced at the Step Inn on Wednesday night, just low key but there was probably like 50 people that got to see it.  It was more just a warm up sort of gig but we were tight as.  We were really tight and it was fun so we were pretty happy.

A.P:  Yeah, the Step Inn is really starting to come together on a Wednesday night…a bit of mid-week naughtiness…

D.M:  Yeah, I remember when I was younger I’d be out seeing bands on Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays…Fridays…Saturdays.  But now I don’t get out so much these days; it’s usually for a pretty good band.

A.P: So you’ve got to make it a bit special?

D.M: Yeah, exactly -more of an event rather than just to getting trashed.

A.P: So any plans for next week’s gig?

D.M: I think we’ll get some footage and put it up on Youtube.  I’ll also be putting some links up on Facebook.   

A.P: So when’s the album coming out?       

D.M: There was some talk about it being released before last Christmas (laughs); this September’s probably a good date.  Yeah, I’d say near the end of the year.  People have been waiting for it for a long time…

A.P:  Yeah, I know quite a few people are hanging for it…

D.M:  Well, this gig on the 18th, we’re going to have a sort of compilation album that we’ve put together of all our stuff because some people just have an album or an E.P and they don’t have the whole collection…so we’re putting one of those kind of things together and have that for sale at the gig.

A.P: Sweet.  What’s the working title for the album?

D.M:  Working title for the album is Full Circle because we’ve all gone off and done different things and done different projects but we’ve come full circle but we’re still really great friends and we trust each other.  Everyone’s still got the energy.

A.P:  Thanks for your time.  Hope to see you at Rosies next week.

D.M:  No worries.  Take care.