It's 1984... and there's not a sex crime or, luckily, The Eurhythmics, in sight.
Metal as Fuck's answer to Glenn A. Baker is back, and he's brought some friends with him. Read on!
Our experiment continues. Have we found a 'non-metal' man in the corporate world willing to put the stereotypes of metal to one side and get involved in the scene? Read on...
Come with us now on a journey into... well, heavy metal actually. Over the coming weeks, months – shit, maybe even years – Scott Adams brings us his love for metal of days past.
Metal as Fuck is proud to present to you our first column from Los Angeles. This quote sums it up nicely: "Just because you go to an Arch Enemy or Lamb of God show once every six months doesn’t make you part of the metal scene." - Jed Kurtzman, Statius.
Rarely do my modelling and metal chick worlds collide, but when they do, they collide with a crash of big bang proportions! A bang loud enough that it’s necessary to be censored, apparently.
We would like to introduce Toni and Matti, our correspondents in Finland. These guys are from Korpiklaani, Falchion and Crystalic. Vitunmoisen kovaa Metallia? You bet!
Local dispatches from the extreme left hand side of Terra Australis - by Perth correspondent Kay, aka Goatlady.
This is my first column ever for Metal as Fuck and my mission is to be your guide to things metal in Scandinavia. Trust me when I say this column, like all I write here, will be very personal and it will not be the complete guide to all things rock/metal in this region. This is a quite personal view but I will include links to other sources to help you dig deeper and find your version of the 'truth' as well.
This column is for all the brutal girls out there, living in a metal world: existing with and between beer, blast-beats, and all things girly.