Hatchet Dawn Releases Debut Album

All hail the Gods of 'toxic horror rock'!

After touring the south coast of Australia with Marilyn Manson in ‘09, Melbourne-based Hatchet Dawn is now heavily armed with debut album Rebirth an

Australian Tour, Fest & Release Support!

In the first of his monthly roundups, Assidian trawls the stygian depths of the Australian underground scene to bring you the latest in extreme news...

There's a lot happening in Australian metal at the moment. Less international touring and more Australian bands notably touring on their own accord and really pushing their music out there again.

Contrive - The Internal Dialogue (Contrive Music/MGM)

In their latest release The Internal Dialogue, Melbourne three piece Contrive offer up a balance of their core sound... plus some newer progressive elements.

Follow-up albums can be either a blessing or a curse. They can represent a new direction or they can just become just another release.