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Continents - Idle Hands (Victory Records)

The next A Day to Remember? Possibly. The best thing to come out of South Wales since the Severn Bridge? Definitely.
Release Date: 
25 Jan 2013 (All day)

Now, I like A Day to Remember more than most of the people on this website are likely to, in that I do like them.

Free Signed Ghost Brigade Albums Up For Grabs!

Gratis promo goodness could be yours!

Thanks to the good people at Riot Entertainment we have five signed promo copies of Ghost Brigade's excellent Until Fear No Longer Defines Us elpee to giv

Cavalera Conspiracy-Blunt Force Trauma (Roadrunner)

How fare the Cavalera brothers? Evidently, the middle of the road most traveled seems to have become their chosen path.
Release Date: 
29 Mar 2011 - 1:30pm


Cauldron - Burning Fortune (Earache/Riot)

Cauldron keep the formula simple, the way it used to be, before metal got complicated and broken down into so many sub-genre's there's barely a day goes by before a new one pops up!
Release Date: 
14 Feb 2011 - 10:30am

Sometimes keeping it simple works, sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles added to make an album different. What Cauldron offer up with this album is just that.

The Bard and his Songs – An audience with Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian

Now you all know the bards and their songs. With an illustrious career spanning over twenty years, Blind Guardian are as ambitious as ever. Hansi talks shop about the new record as well as the orchestral project, his love for Aussie power ballads and that damn haircut…

When I was first discovering metal as a kid that would wish his hair would hurry up and grow past his shoulders, I entered the wonderful world of power metal.

Primal Fear - Live In The USA (Frontiers/Riot)

Primal Fear unleash a live barrage of 14 songs, new and old, to North American crowds.

When a band releases a live album, it can normally be one of two things - a raw, in-your-face & accurate representation of their live shows or it can be an uber-polished, over-dub-laden effort.

Tarot - Gravity of Light (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Crushtor writes an open letter to frontman and bass/acoustic guitarist of Tarot, Mr. Marco Hietala about his new record, Gravity of Light.
Release Date: 
7 Jun 2010 (All day)

Dear Marco Hietala,

Charred Walls Of The Damned - 3 Track Sampler (Metal Blade/Riot)

What do you get when you put four talented metal musicians from some very different metal genres together? You get a metal anomaly called Charred Walls Of The Damned. Intrigued?

Being known within two fields as either a legendary metal drummer who has had stints in Death and Iced Earth or in the comedic industry as part of Howard Stern's r

Threat Signal - Vigilance (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Holy Fear Factory, Soilwork! Someone sound the Threat Signal - Vigilance is coming!

There’s a strange ménage-a-trois that’s formed in the metal community in North America – and it comprises former and current members of Fear Factory and

Goatwhore - Carving Out the Eyes of God (Metal Blade/Riot)

Dark, heavy and evil. Goatwhore crush, kill and destroy with terrifying speed in their fourth flesh-ripping and face-melting record.
Release Date: 
22 Jun 2009 - 11:30pm

Although metal fans are quick to decry filmmaker Sam Dunn's oversimplification of black metal as "punk meets Wagner dressed as Alice Cooper" there