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Death Angel - Relentless Retribution (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Always overshadowed by the Big 4, Death Angel stick to their guns and come out swinging with their new album Relentless Retribution that thrashes from start to finish.
Release Date: 
6 Sep 2010 (All day)

In today's metal scene, thrash metal is having somewhat of a resurgence with new bands such as Warbringer and Evile proudly waving and flag, and, of course, the ol

Gama Bomb European and US Tour 2010 (Sept 16 - Dec 18)

Kicking off in September, Irish metallers Gama Bomb are embarking on a MASSIVE tour of the US and Europe. Teaming up with some of thrash metal's newest acts, as well as one show with Overkill, arguably the pioneers of the genre, you'd better prepare your necks for this...
Tour Dates: 
16/09/2010 - 18/12/2010

Irish metal outfit, Gama Bomb, are preparing to spread their tales of ninjas, evil robots and mummy invasions, as the band recently confirmed dates for their European 'Graveyard Di

Baroness club shows announced!

Following the positive reception of being announced as support for Metallica, Metal as Fuck & Soundwave Touring present Baroness: three intimate club shows on the Eastern seaboard.


Sonic Syndicate – We Rule the Night (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

We Rule the Night is so flawed it prompted a recall statement from the label. Read on…
Release Date: 
26 Aug 2010 - 11:30pm

Here’s what Nuclear Blast sent me* after they sent a copy of the record for review almost hours afterward. I think it’s rather apt and saves me writing up the article.

Gwar Bloody Horror Tour (US) Oct-Nov 2010

Kicking off October 2nd, Gwar will embark on their 'Bloody Horror' tour of the US.
Tour Dates: 
02/10/2010 - 06/11/2010

Fresh off the amazing experience that was the 2010 Gwar-B-Qu, intergalactic snuff-rockers Gwar continue their relentless assault upon all humanity with the announcement of their fi

Brain Drill - Quantum Catastrophe (Metal Blade/Riot)

Opening with a tortured scream and a moment of insanely intricate bass work, Quantum Catastrophe is one of the most complicated and uncomfortable albums of the year.

Brain Drill is all about speed.

Bonded By Blood – Exiled To Earth (Earache/Riot)

Naming themselves after one of the best thrash albums ever, by one of the acknowledged muthafucking best of the genre’s bands, these young fuckers have either got balls the size of grapefruits - or a death wish.

Bonded By Blood's second album is by no means a classic thrash album but let me tell you, it ain’t half fucking bad either.  With a theme revolving around the earth bein

UFO – The Best Of A Decade (SPV/Riot)

They might look fucking old but considering this band started in 1969 and you’ve got three, yes three of the original members still rolling it’s no wonder they look a little, shall we say, weathered. Surprisingly though, this compilation of studio and live tracks shows that the old bastards can still get it up!

With Phil Mogg still sounding great on vocals and Pete ‘wayward’ Way (Bass) and Andy Parker (Drums) still holding dow

Frontiers to issue digital-only release from Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the digital only release of the single track 'Silence' from the much anticipated album featuring the collaboration between singers Amanda Somerville and Michael Kiske on August 20th 2010.

Silence was written by the Primal Fear team, featuring bassist/producer Mat Sinner and guitarist Magnus Karlsson.

Exodus Australian and New Zealand tour 2010 support acts announced!

Returning to Australian and New Zealand shores this year to destroy your necks once more, Exodus have announced all support acts for their upcoming tour. Horns up!