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Emperor Magus Caligula to leave Dark Funeral

After 15 years, Swedish black metal outfit Dark Funeral are set to part ways amicably with vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula. The band also officially launches a call-out for a new vocalist.

Emperor Magus Caligula, longtime vocalist of Swedish black metal battalion Dark Funeral says of his leaving the band:

Skyforger - Kurbads (Metal Blade/Riot)

Latvian music is known to be one of the most peculiar forms of ethnic music in the world. The Latvian group Skyforger was known for being the standard bearers of this culture. Is their new album able to carry on this tradition?

After seven years since the release of their last studio album Zobena Dziesma, a milestone in folk music in the vein of the most traditional folkloric  groups from Latvia, Sky

Netherbird – Monument Black Colossal (Soundpollution/Riot)

Dark, gothic and extremely melodic. This is an album that could have you slashing your wrists whilst bopping around the room.

Extreme, dark, black – all words that are thrown around to describe the sort of sound Swedish Metallers Netherbird are creating, but what about melodic, powerful, melancholic

Terry Brock – Diamond Blue (Frontiers/Riot)

Not so much stadium rock as studio rock this is a pretty damn decent slab of good old 80s AOR. If that’s your thing, read on! If not, you may as well stop now.

Terry Brock’s a busy boy – he’s lead singer for Giant, he’s getting back with his 80s band mates Strangeways

Whitechapel - A New Era Of Corruption (Metal Blade/Riot)

Whitechapel returns with the eagerly awaited follow up to 2008's This Is Exile. But as the 'deathcore' scene continues to grow, can their train keep rolling?

Ever since The Somatic Defilement brought a thunderous mix of blastbeats, breakdowns, death grunts and lyrical brutality to the metal scene in 2007, Whitechapel have never

Axel Rudi Pell - The Crest (SPV/Riot)

Album no. 19 (depending on whether you count compilations or not) from Axel Rudi Pell offers nothing new, nothing that will make you go WTF? but then again, why change a winning formula?

With Johnny Gioeli once again providing a voice that sits somewhere between Ronnie James Dio circa Rainbow and The Scorpi

Indica - A Way Away (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Finnish girls prove they rock in English as well as they do in their mother tongue.

Finnish all-girl gothic pop bands aren’t exactly ten a penny, so, whilst

And Hell Followed With - Proprioception (Earache/Riot)

And Hell Followed With have generated a bit of a buzz of late with their 'Murder City mayhem'. But do these bruisers from Detroit, Michigan live up to the hype? Does the music substantiate the reputation or is it all a bit of PR bollocks?
Release Date: 
26 Jul 2010 - 8:30am


Setherial - Ekpyrosis (Regain/Riot)

One of the seminal bands of so called “Scandinavian Black Metal” is finally back with a new, astonishing release. More accurate, heavier and mind-boggling than ever, are Setherial ready to take this place of honour in the pantheon of the Nordic gods of black metal?

The year was 1996, when Setherial released its first official attack called Nord, a well-known classic for those who lived the early days of Black Metal.

Lightning Swords Of Death - The Extra Dimensional Wound (Metal Blade/Riot)

Seven years after their inception, Lightning Swords Of Death's Metal Blade debut blends desolate black metal with unremitting death nastiness

Sinister. That's the word. As soon as The Extra Dimensional Wound opens with the title track there's an immediate sense that something sinister is afoot.