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New Accept video now online

Watch Teutonic Terror, the video for a track off the upcoming Accept album Blood Of The Nations, here!

Teutonic Terror, the video for a track off the upcoming Accept album Blood Of The Nations, debuted on May 10th.

Arma Gathas - Dead To This World (Metal Blade/Riot)

Hardcore meets thrash again? Does this still work? Did it ever?

The slow, melodic Antagonist gently opens the door to Dead To This World before The Rise and Fall gets the party started with more than a slight similarity to the intro o

The Dillinger Escape Plan tour

The Dillinger Escape Plan have merely one prerogative: to go forward in all directions simultaneously. Tickets on sale now.
Tour Dates: 
16/05/2010 - 23/05/2010

Following on from their groundbreaking 1999 debut full-length, Calculating Infinity and the near-perfect pileup of craft and chaos on 2007’s Ire Works, The Dillinger

Overkill - Australian Tour 2010

Prepare your neck braces everyone, thrash metal legends Overkill are coming down under

As one of the most respected and consistent thrash metal bands around, Overkill are set to show all metal fans how its done with their 25th Anniversary World Tour, gearing up to sl

Bison b.c. - Dark Ages (Metal Blade/Riot)

Bison b.c.'s third outing on Metal Blade isn't technically astounding but something about it makes you want to listen on


Nile Australian/New Zealand tour May 2010 - support acts announced

Nile with Abigail Williams & Hate Eternal Australian/New Zealand Tour
Nile with guests Abigail WIlliams and Hate Eternal

Auckland – Perditionist <

Cynic - Re-Traced EP (Season of Mist/Riot)

Cynic releases an album of inferior re-interpretations of songs from the "Traced In Air" record for some inexplicable reason.

Cynic are one of the watershed bands in progressive metal - rated up there with Opeth, Tiamat or Dream Theater in terms of creativity, influence a

Unleashed - As Yggdrasil Trembles (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Viking death metallers of the world, are you ready?

Just one of the reasons I love metal is that it frequently has me looking up historical, mythological and religious references to better understand what I’m listening to.

Callejon - Videodrom (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Callejon are a German band variously described as metalcore, zombiecore, Screamometal and even Videometal. Their new album, Videodrom, is equally hard to categorise.

Callejon describes itself as "A furious mix of all out metal and emotional melodies" but to me they never really go all out with the metal and the melodies are not really very emot