Kreator @ The Metro (Sydney), 24 Sept 2009

Mid-week gigs are normally a hard one to predict in terms of crowd attendance. But, being a Thursday night in late September, the punters were lined up en-masse at Sydney's Metro Theatre for their dose of legendary German thrash metallers Kreator, backed by Australian thrash icons Mortal Sin.

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Upon my arrival at the allocated door time, I noticed that the line of waiting punters was quite large, which is a positive sign that thrash is still alive and well. However, after a period of time the line did not seem to be moving. It took nearly 30 - 45 minutes for the line to thin out and for me to get into the venue. The reason was because of the last metal show at the Metro, where security found and confiscated 6 knives; as a result, security was much tighter and the punters were searched and metal-detected. While the security staff were only doing their job, it did make entry for some quite long and tedious.

Due to the previously security measures, I missed out, much to my dismay, on the majority of Mortal Sin's set. From what I found out, the band warmed up the crowd well and stormed through a bunch of their timeless classics; tracks such as I Am Immortal and the legendary Mayhemic Destruction, alongside material from their latest effort An Absence Of Faith, and a preview of a new song from their upcoming album.

After a brief change over-period accompanied by music from The Beatles of all things over the PA, the mighty Kreator took to the stage and dove straight into the title cut from their latest record Hordes Of Chaos. If you thought the album version was crushing, the live version is just insane and takes on a whole different perspective when combined with the rabid crowd.

The set consisted of 80-plus minutes of choice cuts from their vintage years, including Betrayer, Pleasure To Kill, Phobia, Terrible Certainty & Flag Of Hate  (for which which Mille brought out a prop flag that quite humorously fell off its pole). They also played killer tracks from their later albums such as Enemy Of God, the vastly underrated Voices Of The Dead, Violent Revolution, and the unrelentless Warcurse.

From a performance perspective, Kreator absolutely nailed it at a flawless and precise level. Guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö and bassist Christian 'Speesy' Giesler hammered their parts out very well while being all over the stage, while founding member and frontman/guitarist Mille Petrozza was his classic self, nailing his vocals in his unique and venomous style while riffing away like a madman, and, at times, launching into a few of his usual diatribes on violence and anti-religion.

But the real star of the show was fill-in drummer Marco Minneman (he is standing in because Jürgen 'Ventor' Reil is having a break away due to "personal issues"). The German session drummer has filled the drum stool for artists ranging from guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert all the way to the extreme metal of Ephel Duath and Necrophagist. While standing out from the rest of the band in his un-metal-like white t-shirt, he took Ventor's drum parts and played them with a new level of precision and execution without breaking so much as a sweat. 

Minneman's drum solo towards the end of the set was a prime example of his skills, although it did tend to drag on. If Ventor decides to depart, Marco is the perfect man for the job hands down.

Kreator proved once again why they are one of the most legendary and vastly underrated figures in European thrash metal, performing a set-list that had the perfect balance between new and old. Being their second visit to Australia after a long absence, let's hope Kreator keep putting out the solid material and keep coming back for years to come.

Kreator's Hordes Of Chaos is out now on SPV / Riot. Read our review of the album here.