Decapitated, Psycroptic, Misery Index, Origin @ Fowler's Live (Adelaide), 5 April 2010

Easter Monday, resurrection time!!

From hearing about this tour some time ago, I was eagerly awaiting a good opportunity to get musically annihilated. 


Up first was Origin (yes you read correctly my fellow banger, one of the most eclectic and insane metal bands on earth was up first), that suffered from the “Fowlers Curse” = a bad mix. For those familiar with Origin you will know they are a band based on precision and technicality. So when you hear the bass and drum triggers humming loudly OVER the music, well, enough said.


Playing a broad selection from all their albums, Origin displayed how to operate their respective machinery to its fullest potential. The bass work of Mike Flores, finger tapping his way at 666 bpm, as well as barking the occasional line of vocals as is his want. A true master class in five-string bass work.


Launching into Vomit You Out, from their first album Origin, Jeremy Turner worked his guitar with warp speed ability, at times doing thing to the instrument I am sure are illegal in some states. Also joining in on the vocal assault, syncopating the lyrics to add yet another layer to the already mental spectacle.


When they played the track Portal from Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas I almost went into a catatonic state. The vocals of gun for hire Mica Meneke (of The Faceless) were all over that number, screaming and growling on almost every syllable. Working their way to the Echoes Of Decimation, which was hammered in the review at the time (totally slept on album as far as I’m concerned) the drum work of John “The Peoples Drummer” Longstreth was literally subhuman.


Having been an admirer of his work since his heady days in Angel Corpse, and his subsequent ejection from that band for not being ‘good enough’, I have followed his career with great interest. On the numbers The Aftermath, Antithesis and Wrath of Vishnu from the Antithesis album, the conglomerate result was a pit that almost reached an atomic state.


Up next was Misery Index, opening with We Never Come in Peace and Theocracy from the Traitors album, they certainly grabbed the interest of the slamming minded amongst the crowd. Misery Index come more from a grind/hardcore mix, which is unusual in American death metal circles. But due to the fact that they at one point consisted of half of Dying Fetus, it is not really surprising.


Thumping out politically charged messages to groove laden music is a good way to reach the masses and such pounding numbers as The Great Depression Retaliate from Retaliate showcased there almost single-minded philosophy of ultra speed with the trademark (but not daft deathcore) breakdowns. Real breakdowns, if you know what I mean.


Launching into Conquistadores from Discordia, Jason Netherton (vocals/bass), Sparky Voyles (guitar), Mark Kloeppel  (guitar, vocals) and Adam Jarvis  (drums) worked the crowd like a Gypsy works a grift. Luckily the “Fowlers Curse” had been dispelled (sort of) by this stage, which made We Never Come in Peace and Traitors from Traitors that much more enjoyable.


Next on the play list was Australia’s own (well sort of) Psycroptic. They have always been solid performers on the Australian, Tasmanian and International stages. Their recent album, Ob(servant) showcased more of a lean to extreme metal than their earlier straight tech-death beginnings. Always well received in Adelaide, they were greeted like Rocky running through the streets of Brooklyn. Methodically working their way through a collection of songs from their four studio albums, my one gripe is sometimes they seemed a little “going through the motions”. Now I know that upon reading this you are compelled to torch and pitchfork, but wait.


The blood connection of the Haley brothers shows through in the calculating and mesmerising songs they pen together. And tonight they put these before us on a titanium platter assorted with various ores of a flavorsome nature. Working their magic as well was the vocalist  Jason Peppiatt, resplendent with pony tail (that I have a secret urge to snip) and Tasmanian coat of arms tattoo railed the lyrics in a fervent Dictator on a frenzy. All held together by the quiet achiever, bassist Cameron Grant, who rattled away, keeping the chaos in a state of order. Standouts were, The Colour of Sleep, Carnival of Vulgarity, Skin Coffin, Alpha Breed, A Calculated Effort and Initiate.


On to the final act…..Decapitated.


A band that some 11 years ago grabbed the extreme metal world by the nasties and made the scream ‘Enough!!”. A band that has overcome tragedy with the loss of drum Maestro Witold "Vitek" Kiełtyka to a bus accident, the same tragedy that severley injured vocalist Adrian "Covan" Kowanek, so much so that he had to step down from his duties. Fast forward to the present, after rebuilding one of the most promising bands of last decade the newly rebuilt Decapitated decided to come back to our lovely city!!!


Upon being greeted by a raucous cheer and devil hors, decapitated took about reminding us what the world was missing….no bullshit death metal! With new Vocalist Rafał Piotrowski and drummer Kerim "Krimh" Lechner, the plucky Poles (except Drummer Kerim, who is an Austrian, not that there is anything wrong with that!), ripped through their worship-demanding set.


Covering the discography, from 2000's blinding Winds of Creation to 2008 hypnotic and bitter sweet (you can describe death metal as bitter sweet!) Organic Hallucinosis with a good serve of The Negation and Nihility, the foaming crowd was in raptures.


Nothing, nothing could detract from the pin point accuracy of such numbers as A Poem About an Old Prison Man, Revelation of Existence (The Trip) and Day 69. The solos ripping through the air, bass gurgling like a harpooned whale, drumming like the march of an android army, and vocals that pierce even the most hardened ear pug.


The Negation, Three-Dimensional Defect, Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto), all displaying a style that is still fresh and relevant, and that many bands seemed to have latched onto of late, but have been unsuccessful. Stand out for me was The Eye of Horus, I just love that song. Let’s home that one day soon all these bands come back, either separately or together, and again show us what the brother hood of metal is all about. Until then, I’ll just read this review and try and remember the brutality.