Destroyer 666 @ The Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (Melbourne), 16 Jan10

Australia's favourite metal sons Destroyer 666 rip their hometown a new one with a thrilling night of evil and mayhem.

Having been a relative Destroyer 666 virgin, I am one of the many Australians that have banks filled with metal records that proudly display a country of origin different to my own. Held in the appropriately darkened underground cavern, the HiFi (Melbourne), the rivetheads were out in force. Huge dudes in battle jackets shared jokes and beers with their pastier black metal bretheren; D666 seems to attract the female fans in spades - all packed to see Destroyer for the first time since 2003. Despite missing some of the opening act due to Melbourne public transport malfunction I did manage to catch old school legends of the underground, Brisbane's Vomitor. Quickly taking the stage, they promptly shredded it to pieces. The frontman's occasional evil laughter with guitar held high in the air did nothing to interrupt their palpable pace. Despite the crowd being small at this point, loved every minute, even while the drummer knocked over his crash. As the Vomitor shrieker summoned screams in his name, which fell on deaf ears, he emphatically rounded out the set by telling Melbourne to "kiss his arse."

As the mighty and dreadful Destroyer 666 marched on to the stage, the crowd was in overdrive. Launching into Rise of the Predator, the pit was modest but necks were well and truly snapping to the beat of their vicious drum. Stomping around with a powerful command, K.K. Warslut lead the horde with fists punching the air above them in satanic defiance during the Last Revelation. The eerie yet triumphant I Am Not Decieved laid the venue thick with triumphant guitar lines and punishing drum fills. It almost seemed that some of the crowd were in throes of ecstacy as they played, in a joyous disbelief that their blackened thrash heroes were gracing the stage once again.

Cosmic in stature, Blood For Blood was juxtaposed with the punk-like buzzsaw of Black City - Black Fire before amping up for the classic Australian and Anti-Christ. What happened was mental - absolute metallic insanity.

Rounding off the night with an encore of Satanic Speed Metal, the crowd were elated for the entire duration. Crowd surfing, brothers (and sisters) in arms hailing their Aussie metal kings and moshing of the highest order created an atmosphere of cameraderie and brotherhood that other shows rarely ever have. I was a Destroyer 666 skeptic at the beginning of the evening but by the time the band walked off the stage, I was ready to ink my name in blood to the cult of Destroyer! Australian Anti-Christ!

Special thanks to Karen Crowther and Matthew Walker for their Destroyer 666 historical notes!