Goatwhore, Behemoth & Job for a Cowboy (Adelaide and Sydney)

So. Goatwhore was anticipated to be the star band of the show. Were they? You fucking betcha.

Written by LeticiaS and AngelofBetrayal

The massive triple-jheader tour of Goatwhore, Behemoth and Job for a Cowboy was a tour that I had been looking forward for a long time. I'd seen both Behemoth and JFAC on their previous tours, but it was really Goatwhore that I was anticipating so highly.

Unlike many metal shows in Adelaide that you turn up to at the appointed time to, only to find that the first band is already into its set, this one didn't kick off until I'd already got in, caught up with people, scored some beers, and had generally gotten into the mood.

First up was Goatwhore. Usually, long anticipation and high expectations aren't a good mix prior to seeing a band play in front of you for the first time. But I have to say, it was entirely justified in this case. Goatwhore stormed the stage, having reasonably recently released Carving Out the Eyes of God, and they demolished the audience with their brand of intense blackened thrash. Much of what they played was from Carving Out the Eyes of God, though they did go right back to some of their early material.

My only gripe with Goatwhore was that they didn't play long enough! Their performance was tight, their music was fabulous, they clearly love being on stage. They were, in fact, so good, that I would've paid the entire cover charge to see just Goatwhore, if they were to play a full-length set.

Behemoth are always a draw-card - and they were up next. In a running order that shocked the living daylights out of a vast number of people who were thinking about going to the show. Surely Behemoth ought to headline a tour like this, and not Job for a Cowboy?

With Evangelion Behemoth hit a groove they'd been missing for a while - in my opinion, anyway. And so I was kind of expecting a fairly full-on, almost headliner-length set. But I hate to say it: they almost disappointed me.

The band played well, people were into it - especially Nirvana boy who was stoned and grooving away some two feet away from me - but for some reason Behemoth's set was lacklustre. Could it be that they're so used to playing large shows that the smaller crowd at Fowler's just didn't seem worth it? Were they not impressed? Well guys, I wasn't particularly impressed by them.  It could've been that Goatwhore just were at such a level that anything that came next would pale in comparison, but it's more likely that Behemoth played a - as I described it to others - jaded sort of set.

I actually found myself far more amused and entertained by the punters. Nirvana Boy next to me was enormously entertaining. Then when the Job for a Cowboy crew started to turn up, with their flesh-tunnels, emo haircuts, and not-quite-entirely-masculine stances next to their close friends, it was an even better spectacle. I found myself not particularly enjoying Behemoth at all, and that really surprised me.

Last up were, of course, Job for a Cowboy. On this band's last tour a ton of people turned out for it. Somehow - somebody tell me how! Ruination is pretty solid! - they aren't as popular as they were a few years ago. Hardly anybody I know who saw them last time turned out for them this time.

Even I, myself, wasn't that keen. But it was for other reasons that I had to leave the Adelaide show early. So - it's up to one of the MaF Sydney reviewers to add his final touch to the review...

After a brief changeover with lots of the younger punters in their flavour of the month band shirts piling in and their multitudes of horrible piercings, it was apparent who was up next - Arizonian metallers Job For A Cowboy. It was going to be interesting how their change in direction was going to affect their
live shows.

Well after hearing their opening song Unfurling a Darkened Gospel from their latest release Ruination, it showed a band who has progressed and have somewhat shed to a degree what made them perceived as a trendy band. Having seen them on their previous tour, it really seemed like a completely different band that toured in 2007, frontman Johnny Davy's pig squeals were thrownaside for a stronger death metal approach, guitarists Bobby Thompson and Al Glassman laid down some heavy riffage alongside some very technical soloing and the rhythm section of bassist Brent Riggs and drummer Jon Rice was tight and firing on all cylinders.

The setlist was comprised of new songs such as the aforementioned Unfurling a Darkened Gospel, Constitutional Masturbation and Ruination which went down quite with the crowd in attendance - hardcore fan or not but suprisingly, the new material also seemed to make a few older crustier metalheads get into it, but their older "deathcore" influenced material such as Knee Deep (AKA the infamous backing track to the viral YouTube Spongebob Squarepants death metal video), Embedded and Entombment of a Machine (with that blood curdling scream that sends shivers up your spine) infusing their old sound of endless breakdowns and gutteral pig squeals got the biggest reception from their legion of fans in attendance.

After seeing their set, it seems like JFAC aren't going to set the metal world on fire. But they did prove that they are quite a tight live band, one which possibly can hold its own on diverse bills alongside bands such as Behemoth and Goatwhore.