Napalm Death, Dying Fetus @ Fowler's Live (Adelaide, Australia), 2 Sept 2010


Well, I always get a kick from seeing Napalm Death live, especially that when I was a peached fuzzed youth I was told by a wizened elder ‘They’ll never come’. Consistently for the third time Lewis, you were, and continue to be, wrong!


But I digress.


Up first were local lads In The Burial. Having been around since 2007, these chaps have consistently built up a solid line up and great live show, which, paired with great songs and dedication, has paid off in trumps. The now 5-piece are a showcase of precision drumming, from the tattooed and laser accurate Fox; the bowl rupturing bass of Nathan; the shredding and fluid guitaring of Mark and Pete; and the versatile and aggressive vocals of Andy.


After having a bit of a tough mix, we were soon, thankfully, given a great sound to purvey their aggressive brand of deathcore-tinged metal. Having a sound filled with essences of black metal and the extremes of death metal, In The Burial forge their own path in the metal world, and I’m sure will go on to impress more punters with their unique and no-holds-barred sound. Stand out tunes were Scourge of Humanity and Bone palace.


Up next ware Maryland’s own Dying Fetus.


Las time I saw these ultra brutal chaps was at 2009's Summer Slaughter. At that time I was a little underwhelmed as they were a bit flat, possibly jet lagged.

This time around, a knock-out blow was delivered to my now lost mind!


Opening up with the slamming Praise the Lord (opiate of the masses), the alerted the still milling crowd that chaos was about to be let loose. This punishing three piece layed out slabs of no bullshit death metal, with their trademark technicality and much copied ‘slam riffing’. ‘Fetus are one of those bands, Like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel to name a few, that many bands draw influence from, or often just rip!


Working their way into Your Treachery Will Die with You from the latest album Descend into Depravity, the crowd were now in full flight, windmills, helicopters and slamming ahoy. (And nary a ‘monkey dancer’ in sight, thank fuck!)


The text book method of insanity continued with Homicidal Retribution, Pissing in the Mainstream and Beaten into Submission. I was so glad we got an all ages show, the kids have to learn was brutal is, and by the time fetus got to One Shot, One Kill once-nervous teens were surfing up a storm. The guttural vocal of John Gallagher seemed effortless as he barked out the vocals in subhuman tones whilst he worked his 6-string over like a Judo master does a over keen pupil.


Meanwhile he was counter-pointed by the more mid ranged rasp of Sean Beasley, who also hammered his bass into a bloody pulp. Under this all was the slightly unhinged drum work of Trey Williams who drove the band onward and upward, even taking time out to goad the crowd into action by standing up from behind the kit to shout ‘come on!' and to show the horns. They closed their show with an olden goldie Kill your Mother, Rape Your Dog, which apart from being a title only a kid with ADHD could think up, it also has one of the most pit inducing riff in Metaldom!


And finally ... what do you get when you mix two Brummies with two Seppos? (Alas no longer a third, R.I.P Jessie.) Napalm Death! As previously mentioned, this is the third time I have seen these lads, Napalm have provided some great tunes to the soundtrack of my life, and made me the staunch grind fan I am to this day. Blistering, relentless, unforgiving, passionate and topical, all these things go not even a quarter of the way to describe the ethos of Napalm.


They got a great mix, whish helped them put across their message of politically inspired chaos, from Unchallenged Hate, On the brink of Extinction, It’s a Man's world, Scum, Per-capita and the obliterating Siege of Power. Barney prowled the stage like a kid that has had too much sugar, and was as relevant today as the first time he burst into our collective minds back in the late 80s.


His presentation on track like All is Said and Done to From Enslavement to Obliteration was pure aggression on determination, to project the philosophy of Napalm to perfection. Shane’s bass hummed like a disturbed hornets nest, and with Mitch’s amazing guitar work, they both ripped through the set list like Dobermen in a Kindergarten. Danny un-bersmhirchable drumming especially on The Kill and Mass Appeal Madness was a pleasure to behold. And to top it all off, the finished with the ‘can this song get any faster when they play it live’: Nazi Punks Fuck Off.


All up a good night of two of the best bands of their genres, as well as a great show by a up and coming act that show great promise to potentially reach the main acts pinnacles of longevity and musical history, let’s hope so any way.   Grrrrind!