Trigger The Bloodshed @ The Forum (Kent, England), May 2010

Trigger The Bloodshed recently toured to support the release of latest album Degenerate. Metal as Fuck was lucky enough to live a mile or so away from an intimate warm up show.

Despite the slight overuse of 'blood', 'bleeding', etc. in tonight's lineup, there's plenty of metal variety on offer. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Bleed From Within may have a minimal crowd in front of them but as soon as vocalist Kenny Scott kicks off the place fills with energy. It would be easy to make a pre-emptive strike on this collective of younglings; Scott has immaculately 'scene' hair and a beautifully inked full sleeve. He's skinny, pouty and well, a bit emo-looking. However, his vocal performance and pure energy completely quashes any preconceived ideas as, although they're not exactly grindcore, their contemporary brand of death/screamo/whateverthefuck metal is undeniably relevant to today's up and coming metaller. Trigger The Bloodshed can be seen backstage thoroughly enjoying themselves and it's clear the bands have become close on the recent tour.
Metal as Fuck caught up with BFW frontman Scott to find out what he thought about playing to a handful of local metal fans considering recent tours with Trigger The Bloodshed in Germany have seen them making a noise in front of up to 400 people:

"Aye, it's all good," he says in an authentically 'see you Jimmy' Glasgow accent, "even if we were only playing to two people, they could go an tell two of their mates, and people hear about us. We just enjoy playing."

They clearly don't make enough to retire on yet though; Metal as Fuck takes pity on their lowly sound man who is desperately  trying to wring every last leaf of tobacco out of a sorrowfully empty pouch, and hands over a pack of Benson & Hedges - at which point the heavilly tattooed chap nearly climaxes.

As Trigger The Bloodshed take the stage, frontman Jonny Burgan calls everyone in with the address:

'This is a fucking death metal show and I want to see every one of you mother fuckers headbanging'.

Enough said, my good man. Metal as Fuck wishes it could provide a title for the opener but instead, we simply get smacked in the face by a wall of sound.

Musically, Trigger are heavy. Really fucking heavy. Since acquiring Burgan and drummer Daniel Wilding (formerly of Aborted) prior to the release of last year's exceptional The Great Depression, plus with new album Degenrate gaining rave reviews, Trigger's stocks have seriously risen on the metal world. Recent comments on Degenrate have taking them out of the UK up-and-coming 'they sound like Annotations Of An Autopsy' (no bad thing) bracket into comparisons with death metal icons such as Cannibal Corpse and Nile.

It's clear that George Fisher has had an impact on Burgan's development as a frontman. In the seven or eight months since Metal as Fuck last saw Trigger The Bloodshed play live, the slightly theatrical staring-around-the-crowd malarky has been replaced by a ferocious intensity. He absolutely commands the tiny stage, standing on speakers, singling out members of the pretty thin crowd, and windmilling like a man with absolutely no concern for potential osteopathy bills. He does occasionally stand with his wrist a bit like a velociraptor though, which is funny.

As the title track from The Great Depression hammers out, Trigger The Bloodshed continue to go as hard as I've seen anyone in front of such a small crowd and despite the failed attempts to get a circle pit going during Dead Vein (there was only about thirty of us there and it was a touch awkward) a few teenagers decide to get stuck in and cut loose. Guitarist and second vocalist Rob Purnell ends with a big 'fuck yeah!' with his fist in the air and it's obvious that despite the numbers, Trigger are having fun.

As the set comes to an end with the blistering new track Hollow Prophecy and despite yet another bassist change - Trigger's Dave Purnell is unwell so the four string work is covered by members of Bleed From Within and early support act Dead Lay Waiting - the performance tonight is extraordinarily tight. Burgan dutifully thanks everyone for coming out, informs us that the new album is available from the merchandise stand, bows, and then leaves.

Then they come back once everyone has gone so they can pack their stuff up.

Despite a thin crowd which is simply down to location, Trigger The Bloodshed played an absolute blinder. As a warm up gig on the Degenrate tour which will include an opening slot on the Download Festival's Ronnie James Dio stage, this showed some real intent. It's impossible to ignore Trigger The Bloodshed; they've exceeded all expectations with the new album and their ascent in popularity and perhaps more importantly, respect within the metal scene is well deserved.

Go and buy their new album immediately.

Degenerate is out now on Rising Records