Diamond Plate @ Gramercy (New York, NY), 18 October 2011

Male or Female. Young or Old. Hipster. Nerd. Metal Head. Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Diamond Plate made everyone happy!

Big things are on the horizon for Diamond Plate. The Gramercy show in New York City fell during the CMJ Music Marathon and was chock full of industry photographers, record label, and agents. The end game - get Diamond Plate on a national tour. Credit for the turn out must definitely go to the new release Generation Why?. Generation Why is the most brutal yet "fresh" album to come out in a heavily saturated thrash / metal genre. With so many bands doing it, and doing it in an unexciting and forgettable way, Diamond Plate is standing head and shoulders above the rest.

Diamond Plate's set at the Gramercy drew well over 100 people. The floor was packed, yet made way for a giant circle pit. Diamond Plate's half hour brutally assualted punters. They have massive appeal for those that like their metal loud, fast, and energetic. The band is tight live. The songs from Generation Why? are fierce. There was plenty of headbanging along the rail. This was a happy crowd.

I spoke to Konrad Kupiec, guitarist extraordinaire, briefly after their blistering show. He describes the band thusly, 'I would say aggressive, hopefully catchy, and just a lot of energy. That's the main thing we want to get across, just as much energy as possible.' The band has to stay energetic as they've been on tour for quite a while. 'This is actually our second one, we were a few days before we started this one we got off another tour with Kittie and Dirge Within which that was another 6 week tour across the US. So we've been at it for two months now, nonstop. We have another two months booked for sure. We're pretty much planning on touring as much of the US as possible and building a buzz out here and then taking it over seas.' And where would Konrad like to take Diamond Plate? 'One of my dreams is to definitely play Japan. I love the culture and stuff out there. It would be amazing to tour out there. Any kind of big European festivals would be a dream come true. Australia, pretty much any place in the world where people like metal we would like to play.'