Segression - Rosies, Brisbane

Shit! They're good live...

Because I'm so fucking rock and roll and was hanging with Chris Rand and Shane Partridge, I missed the first two support acts; Silver Ocean Storm and Inhailed.  I spoke to a couple of punters and the feedback on both these bands was very positive so I swore to myself I'd definitely catch them at some point in the future.  D-Nine were pretty sweet and I was impressed with how tight they were.  They got the crowd going mental but I did hear rumours that it was their last gig (either for a while or permanently, I'm not sure and I never pay too much heed to rumours anyway).  I spoke to one of their singers after the show but he was off his nut and the conversation was far too bizarre to repeat here.

Segression took to the stage with a trippy intro (I'm half certain it was a remix of Tubular Bells?) and then BOOM!  It was on.

Opening with Black Lace Black Day it was a wall of sound with screaming guitars and tight drumming.  The crowd was heaving and there were some sweet breaks in the opener.  As the dancefloor filled up it became harder to see what was going on but I could hear it and it was fucking good.

The Thickening was next and Chris Rand gave a nod to Rage Against The Machine with a few "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell mes" thrown in for good measure.  Red kept the drumming sharp and crisp, and the twin guitars of Shane & Mick Katselos were tighter than a mozzie's arse - how Chris manages to sing and play those roving bass lines, I don't know...

Two songs in and I gave up with my journo scribblings and just gave myself over to the experience - anyone who knows Segression can tell you it's the only thing to do.  Other tracks included Shattering of a Dream, Reality Playground (Parts 1 & 2) and Gaspipe which sent the crowd into a frenzy.  Red's punishing drum work was insane and I was loving every beat. 

At one point Chris gave thanks to the crowd and alluded to some major health problems that he's been getting over - if he was still crook, he didn't show any signs of it and was going for it, playing every song like his life depended on it.

I must give a nod to Chippy the sound engineer - he did an incredible job getting the sound pitch perfect and it definitely allowed the bands to shine.

It was a pretty long set but seemed to finish far too quickly - a testament to Segression as a live act.  You have to see these guys live to appreciate the talent and hard work that they put into their shows.  I heard they're aiming for another tour in a month or so so if you missed them this time you might get a second chance.

Segression.  A truly live act.