Battle Pope, Jesus Christ Posse, Machina Genova, Fuck Mountain, Ritual Harm, Sun Distortion Studios, Brisbane, 18/01/13

My faith is restored. Hallelujah!

Tonight's dinner menu at the special hospital where I usually reside consisted of a massive prawn curry and a variety of medicinal pills; all washed down with several large beers. Hardly a pre-gig meal to assist with freaking out and jumping around like a spiked kangaroo. But since I've been under the (highly sexual) spell of Battle Pope for some moons, I was determined to get a release pass (unsupervised, mind!) for the evening and waddle my fat carcass over to Sun Distortion Studios to catch those saucy Battle Pope fellows in action. Along with Battle Pope, there was also Jesus Christ Posse, Machina Genova, Fuck Mountain and Ritual Harm. Who could resist?
Sun Distortion has the kind of 'lets fucking do this' attitude that restores your faith in live music venues - this is how it can be done: unlicensed, BYO and more often than not an all ages venue, all set up in an industrial unit. Obviously being unlicensed, I made several prayers to Bacchus that there would be a bottle-shop near by. There was, so that was a bonus.

Ritual Harm opened, drenched only in the light from a single red bulb. They played a sweet, tight set that I believe is being called 'blackened hardcore' or possibly grind. Whatever you call it, it was an all too short set, with the singer not confining himself to the tiny stage. The crowd was certainly getting in to it and Fuck Mountain kept the vibe going with the singer getting all aggro and actually pushing audience members! Could you imagine it?! It was a bizarrely polite audience at points though - giving each band 'golf clap' applause at the end of each song.

Machina Genova were tired fellows and hence were the third band up; apparently they'll be recording at Sun Distortion next week (yes, it's a recording studio too). Again some solid music was delivered and towards the end of their set a bit of a circle pit opened up. I trust these boys will have some amphetamines in their system next time I see them as they still appeared to be in fine form despite being a tad sleepy.

Before Jesus Christ Posse hit the stage, there was a bit of theatrics with a bloody cross and a Battle Pope Member in the car-park with both bands hamming up their 'animosity' with relish. Hilarious. As soon as the Posse hit the stage they were tight as the proverbial nun's puss-puss and a bit of circle pit madness broke out immediately. They went off, with the vocalist blessing one female audience member to  the tune of Bring Your Daughter to the Water. It was good to see their vocalist jumping into the melees that broke out in the crowd, and every member of the congregation was blessed during The Power of Christ Compels You. A tight set that entertained me no end (and isn't that what it's all about?).

Last up were Battle Pope, and there's nothing like a guitarist stark bollock naked except for a pair of gold underpants to get you going. Or so nurse tells me. Cocaine Yeehah Muthafuckers Yeah! got the whole room jumping around on the battered sofas and scaling the barred windows with the band jumping between the supremely heavy to jazzy, funky breakdowns, all the while preaching their dick-swinging, yoni-stretching religious truths. Their entire set was a work of brilliance with both the venue and the bands restoring my faith in all things musical. A-fucking-men.