Continents, When We Were Wolves, The Barfly, London 13/04/13

On the penultimate night of their UK tour, Continents rock The Barfly, Camden with support from When We Were Wolves.

On yet another miserable day in London's  'Springtime', Welsh metalcore outfit Continents played The Barfly in Camden, a growing safe haven for all metal outfits to help spring board into success; Supported by fellow South Wales based When We Were Wolves this tour for the core, was fast coming to an end.   

When We Were Wolves performance resonates throughout the Chalk Farm venue, as the upstairs dressing rooms vibrate with a unmistakable pulsation that provides quite the warm up for the nights main event. 

Continents guitarist Tom Weaver has already boasted that 'people say it's as raw live as it is on CD' and he's right, the band explodes into an immense wave of sound that gets the half empty venue moving. Pegasus Pegasus then fuelling the growing tide of adrenaline in front of the stage, one begins to see the bands reputation come to life. By the third track the front half of the venue is an arm flailing mosh pit and it's clear this band are fully in the swing of things. 

Then disaster strikes, frontman Phil Cross blacks out and has an anxiety attack off stage, and for a split second the room falls silent, but with remarkable professionalism, the band work some improv and just provide some decent filler, when the queston what shall we play now arises, the answer Free Bird was surely on the tip of many tongues, but then the trooper returns, apologetically no less!

The band resumes flawlessly, picking up where they left off, and with an extra couple of songs left in their arsenal, Continents well and truly give it their all in an all round fantastic performance.

A band that are growing with every moment, live there isn't an ounce of energy gone to waste, with fantastic interaction with the crowd, giving some of the bigger fans their best shot down the mic. Continents are entirely deserving of their rapidly growing respect in the music scene, regardless of metal preferences their talent live is undeniable.

As the lads prepare for their tour of the land of the rising sun, MaF wishes them the best of luck. Japan - Prepare yourselves!