Darkc3ll - The Basement, Canberra, 25/10/13

A severe absolution to one's sense of propriety or decency; an outrage ha-ha and we ate it up!

Both Dark Versus AND Reboot:Repeat have been playing in my head for over a week now and rightly so! Because the music of Brisbane’s Darkc3ll is relevant at any time of the day in any setting; the car stereo, the shower; obnoxiously full blast whilst smashing through paperwork or even more annoying, waiting in the queue at the supermarket – so when the opportunity to see these chameleons whilst on their national tour to promote Dark Versus arose, I jumped at the chance. Who knew Hate could be so much fun!

The night was Tease & Tearaways at the Basement in Canberra and supporting Darkc3ll on their first leg of a national tour were Canberra’s own Perpetual End, Sydney powerhouse Domino and those rascally punks doting on the macabre; Horrorwood Mannequins.

A simple sound check had punters creeping forward as Domino vocalist Erica Bowron launched into the bands signature Arabesque sound. Domino gave an explosive performance and several times throughout the set my jaw dropped and eyes bulged at this immense talent. Domino summon a mixture of seduction and mystique with their debut album Where The Desert Meets The Sea and showcased an epic amount of raw ability, substance and character.  

The night was now owned by the gritty, the seedy and the ghoulish as Horrorwood Mannequins sauntered to the stage with a devilish attitude. Horrorwood Mannequins are quite a unique assortment of shock punk design and brazen vocals, a crafty set, polished off by the bass player and his need to bare all, quite fitting actually as the music offers to the audience a crude, natural and rare flamboyance that not many can top. A tight performance by the Sydney natives had the punters biting their nails in anticipation and revelling in the ambience of these sinister and spine tingling creepers.

Darkc3ll carved through like daemons through sulphur producing some severe appeal, charm and just the right dose of horror that jars the mind as if with a violent unexpected blow. A severe absolution to one's sense of propriety or decency; an outrage ha-ha and we ate it up! Darkc3ll are dark and sublime, comparative to the sound of a fine whiskey hitting ice; tempting, refreshing, full of anticipation and possibility and most importantly full of flavour. The stage melted and twisted with heat; the vapoUr of imminent success with the punters was spilling out of vocalist Jesse Dracman as he showed the crowds no mercy with a set list teetering on superlative. Their biggest strength? Their ability to entertain and their veracity to do so, capturing punters like a fly in a web. Alluring industrial grooves topped off with hypnotic rhythms really give Darkc3ll their edge.