Neuronspoiler, Primitai, The Barfly, London 23/08/13

Following one of the finest debut albums of the year so far, Neuronspoiler continued to support their stellar album alongside metal brothers Primitai.

Believe the hype. Neuronspoiler are a well-oiled metal machine. Quenching any fires of doubt on Friday in Camden, with one of the most powerful displays of passion the metal underground has seen. The performance met every standard the quintet set with their stellar release Emergence. No longer newbies, Neuronspoiler had it all, pace, power and presence. Even with JR's broken foot, the stage was alive with movement, the vocalist at the epicentre almost puppeteering the hair whipping, axe slinging metal mastery that was Neuronspoiler's  set.

With gruelling bass riffs, screechingly-beautiful guitar solos and deafeningly awesome, almost operatic vocaals The Barfly could barely withstand a setlist which even included a redefining cover of Queensryche's Queen of The Reich. The entire performance is reminiscent of any classic metal gig, the audience beers in hand, heads nodding furiously along, and the band alive with music on stage, the whole night became something of a shampoo advertisement, and they were worth it.

As if there were energy left in The Barfly after the finest performance this reviewer had ever seen grace that venue, the night closed with Primitai, who exploded onto the stage with just as much energy and enthusiasm as their predecessors, without the handicap of an injured frontman, both bands tore apart the Barfly that night, proving the bands beliefs that the British Metal Underground is easily one of the finest in the world, and that these unsigned acts should already have penned deals for new material.