Primitai, Motherload - The Black Heart, London 18/12/2013

Finest British Beef graces stage in support of Primitai's latest album.

In a dimly lit venue, providing shelter from yet another night of wind and rain that only London can provide, Motherload opened the night. With a modern Pantera influence fused with strong Def Leppard backing vocals, Motherload provided nostalgic sound, with enough adrenaline fuelled metal to get the crowd going. 

Primitai then quickly unleash themselves on stage as The Black Heart begins to run out of room. Amongst a London scene where bands seem desperate to appear like a 21st Century Iron Maiden, Primitai take the influence and leave it there, as the continued twin guitar solos remain completely original, and thus refreshing for much of the nights crowd.

A hangovers worst nightmare as Primitai barely pause for breath, with relentless drumming tearing through the efficient work from the axemen, amongst this hard-hitting, solo-slinging night, vocalist and hairy ball of energy Guy Miller couldn't quite live up to his bandmates, and his vocals seemed out of place in moments.

This night was all about Primitai's latest album Rise Again, the setlist however, was not, with the Sandhurst quintet playing a mixture of their past hits, and their latest tracks,with three albums to their names now, and performances that can pull many lovers of classic and slightly more modern metal, Primitai proved once again at The Black Heart, they're one of the UK's finest underground acts at this time.

It was a night typical of modern metal. Talented, efficient and heavy, but lacking inspiration and creativity that the metal scene requires today, this is in no way the fault of these two hardworking bands, but perhaps a lesson to be learned from these gigs is what else can be done to truly bring the face of modern metal into the present, rather than some modern day tribute of days gone by. 

Photography - Jack Stevens @The Barfly 23rd August