Slayer, Anthrax , Kingdom of Sorrow, Luna Park, Sydney 25/02/13

I Don't Care If You're Taking A Shit! You Will Bang Your Fucking Head!

It started like any regular gig at Luna Park Sydney; taking over the Kirribilli Hotel, much to the dismay of the Northern Sydney elite. Replacing the Versace & Burberry for Demonia, Slayer official and ale. The Crowd; very weary from Soundwave, lugged themselves through the gates like zombies and indeed took a while to warm up even with Jamey Jasta, the motivational metal head working his arse off to pump up the crowd. “I don’t care if you’re taking a shit! You will bang your fucking head!!” Jasta spat out. The Kingdom of Sorrow set was extremely severe and tight and that proved to be the most popular comment of the night, very Downesque; regardless, Kingdom of Sorrow are a testament to skill, a band with an impressive roster; Kirk Windstein [Down, Crowbar], Nick Bellmore [Toxic Holocaust], Charlie Bellmore [Phantoms] & Matthew Brunson [Crowbar]. Jasta was selling it harder than Demtel, but wait – there was more!! Kingdom of Sorrow have only seen the shores of Australia twice now, so Jasta wasted no time initiating the crowd with the violence that is Kingdom of Sorrow – the pit had erupted into a mire, sludge flinging everywhere!  

The night progressed quickly; much to everyone’s distress, as soon as one set had started it was coming to an end. Anthrax took to the stage like wildfire, by far the most brilliant performance I have witnessed from the band. [Joey] Belladonna was taking no prisoners – the amount of energy coming from this Anthrax Monday night was enough to break the mood of punters as we all surged into a frenzy of solo hypnosis propelled by Scott Ian. Forceful was an understatement. Fuck the flares! We had TNT!

It was coming to the point every Slayer yielding punter was waiting for, the chance to witness one of; if not the most prominent metal bands, the genre has ever seen, a band whose career has remained one of the most ultimate and integral. It was time for Slayer. Metal As Fuck had a chance to chat to Kerry King recently, to discuss the bands reputation as the most respected bands in the world and of course the Slayer fan; the most rabid and devoted, the most extreme – the fan who goes to the extent of body mutilation and the fact that when the word Slayer is uttered from one’s breathe it is not said meekly, it is hurled from your gut like a beast: SLAAYYYYYER!!!! “Yeah I know, it’s amazing, it’s like this primal scream  – I can remember being at gigs that weren’t even mine, shows I take my kids to you know, I will always hear someone yelling out Slayer! [Laughs]. Looking back what are your thoughts on the early days of Slayer and your touring? “Um, well on Jaeger I am brilliant” boasted a seasoned Kerry King. “We’re not twenty five anymore; expectations for a tour are always different”.  Kerry went on to state that Slayer never gave anyone a reason to question their integrity “A Slayer fan knows that if we weren’t playing, we’d be in the crowd going ape shit with them. This has always been the way with us. I think that is where we have maintained our reputation; we’re a metal fan just like you and we don’t take bullshit”.

It’s no Slayer gig if its lacking punch ups, kids spewing next to you as your having a conversation and the pile of bodies spilling over the barrier, witnessing the immense beast like state the crowds were in I realised that I hadn’t been to a gig like this in years, it was filthy in every sense of the word and we were lapping it up as Slayer were pummeling the crowd with wave after wave of brutality, playing the most wanted; Bloodline, Chemical Warfare & Angel of Death. Slayer kept it strong, kept it intense and kept it thrash metal. The crowd ate it up. Such poise, such stature, it’s not hard to see why Slayer are at the head of the table.