Voodoo Six, Sacred Mother Tongue - The Underworld, London 28/10/2013

The Underworld played host for a night of metal, regardless of what the British weather had to say.

Thanks to the "Storm" of 2013, travelling to this gig proved a real pain, so much so that unfortunately, we missed the majority of Sacred Mother Tongue's set, however, even in closing, the energy of the band infected the crowd that had fought the hypochondriac travel systems to witness such a great evening. 

By the time Voodoo Six graced the stage, some must have left just to get home on time, but with the grooving opener of Falling Knives the crowd was pumping once again, amidst a sea of cameras bodies were moving along to the swaggering tunes. 

As the band move on from Sink or Swim to Stop, the relentless determination to please this crowd creates a pulse throughout The Underworld. With a crowd of mixed ages, Voodoo Six had one simple aim - to get this crowd drinking and dancing, which, but for the constant cameras went down a treat.  

When vocalist Luke Purdie asks if there's anyone out there, finally there is a significant surge of energy to keep the momentum going, and now spreading throughout the venue, 

The Underworld could have been at a whole new level of enthusiasm thanks to the performance and charisma of the quintet, but something was missing from the crowd, who seemed entranced in the music rather than the atmosphere it created. 

Highlight? Tony Newton's snarling face in that beautiful Only Fools & Horses vest, constantly rocking that Steve Harris type energy.


  • Falling Knives
  • Sink or Swim
  • Stop
  • Take the Blame
  • Take Aim
  • Your Way
  • Lead Me On
  • Something for You
  • Waiting in Line
  • All That Glitters
  • Long Way From Home

Photography - Jack Stevens