We Butter the Bread with Butter - The Borderline, London 17/10/13

The charismatic Germans tore up London on Thursday night, catch the full review here.

In a club down in old Soho, there were no transvestites named Lola, instead there were four young Germans whose dramatic stage presence brought down The Borderline on an otherwise dull Thursday night.

With the sort of backdrop you would expect from such avid fans of Hans Zimmer, We Butter The Bread With Butter strolled on stage, and amidst the rising tensions, the floodgates opened to a wall of immovable, hypnotic noise. Sandwiching a UK tour between their phenomenal US Tour and a highly anticipated EU schedule, WBTBWB showed no signs of exhaustion. However most of the work was being done by the unbelievable crowd who seemed to hang on vocalist Paul Bartzsch's every word. On more than one occasion, when Bartzsch told the audience to jump, it really was a question of how high. 

An unbelievable atmosphere could be solely attributed to the hard work and dynamic stage presence on offer: the light show worked to perfection in the small venue, and worked as such a relief compared to the chaotic ineptitude of those who had disgraced the stage before them. WBTBWB offer a fantastic mix of catchy techno on a synth that really should be present on stage rather than on backing tracks, mixed with the original flare and talent of their own take on metal. It almost belongs on a club anthems album, two of the most exciting music forms combine to create a musical trance of energy that you can't help nod along to.

Admittedly this reviewer was sceptical at best when he saw the audience and apparent demographic of this quartet, but Thursday night's performance certainly threw a curveball, aside from the absentee keyboard player and the repetition of "Pig Squeals", it was brilliantly refreshing to see a modern band put so much effort into their performance rather than just throwing themselves around. WBTBWB offered an engaging, entrancing and thoroughly talented performance to all who witnessed.