Gama Bomb, SSS, The Underworld, London 01/02/2014

Gama Bombs UK Tour continued and peaked at Camden's infamous Underworld.

The fantastically named SSS (Scouse Scouse Scouse) tore the Underworld apart with their continued heavy, punk-metal sound; somewhere between classic hardcore and thrash, SSS created ferocious pits that set the stage perfectly for the nights headline act. 

Gama Bomb took the stage as the crowd surged forward. With their furious thrash revival crashing through the tightly packed venue, the crowd was awash with berserker-led mosh pits, and crowd surfers flying at you from all angles. A complete bastard for our photographer, but an unbelievable atmosphere was provided toward the end of this stellar tour. 

The setlist spanned across the Irish thrashers' 11 year career, and included some of the finest tracks off of last year's album, The Terror Tapes, such as Beverly Hills Robocop, Terrorscope, and the fast blasting Smoke the Blow With Willem Defoe. 

The renowned intimate setup at The Underworld was in its element as vocalist Philly Byrne regularly got in close with the fans, sharing the mic with anyone else who stepped onto the stage. Most uncomfortable moment came when during Bullet Belt, when an adoring fan passed up the metal fashion accessory, and Byrne decided to towel floss with it. All part of the fun loving, hyperactive atmosphere of the night. 

The performance was firmly fastened thrash, that sped through the night with no sign that the vocals cannot reach the highs that they used to, as the band perfectly accommodates, but with these speedy lyrics the mic somehow could not keep up, as the hilarious satire sometimes became an incomprehensible murmur.

Gama Bomb surpassed the high standards they have set with their renowned live sets, no fucking about, it was a fun loving, hard hitting, classic thrash performance that is rarely seen today.