Magenta Harvest, Ceaseless Torment & Enthring, PRKL Club, Helsinki, 04/04/14

Friday night calls for beers, and last Friday night delivered that with a good dose of local Helsinki metal at the PRKL club in Helsinki. Headlining was Magenta Harvest, with Ceaseless Torment and Enthring. The Finns may have long dark winters, but it makes for solid tunes.

Finland is not a country short on well-known metal acts, but sometimes you don’t need the big headliners to have a good night out. Friday night caught me lugging my camera bag downstairs in the Helsinki Metal Pub PRKL to catch some local acts. While the venue wasn’t too busy, there were a warm crowd of friends and local metal fiends grabbing their first drinks after a long week.

The night of music opened up with the symphonic death metal sounds of Enthring. Thick with backing tracks and some good melodic riffs, these local boys stick to grim fantasy themes in their lyrics. Not exactly my cup of tea, but they put together a solid show and have good potential for their genre.

Next up was a serving of thrash metal with chugging riffs and rough throat ripping vocals. Helsinki’s Ceaseless Torment brought along their local following with a five-man circle pit forming for a few songs in front of the small venue stage. With a new album just out, some of the songs from previous demos had fists raised and pumping along with the familiar riffs.

Magenta Harvest next brought their smooth death metal to the stage, with just a hint of melodic and symphonic elements. In front of a band including members from Finnish acts such as MyGrain and Chthonian, singer Mathias Lillmåns proved himself a consummate performer whether he’s singing in stage makeup with Finntroll or entertaining a crowd of local metalheads drinking on a Friday night. The venue may not have been packed, but the crowd was active and Magenta Harvest put together a good tight live show.

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