Apocalyptica @ The Metro Theatre, Sydney 24/9/2016

Hands down concert of the year

Many bands show Musicianship, many are natural entertainers. Apocalyptica on the other hand are true artistes of the stage. 

The suspense was deafening, as the enthusiasm rose in the mosh pit from ravenous punters, eager to witness the sensation that is Apocalyptica’s undeniable geniuses brought together so eloquently  by Perttu Kivilaakso, Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lotjonen and Mikko Siren. The crowds held their breath as the Finnish maestros sauntered to the stage, cellos in toe, thunderous screams then echoed throughout the Metro theatre. It is remarkable the range of emotions Apocalyptica can evoke in an audience in a mere ninety minute set. The audience in disbelief as they were drawn in like a moth to a flame with opener Quutamo…  A diverse mix of Apocalyptica’s catalogue impressed onlookers whose jaws were dropping at the sights and sensations they were witnessing. It was hair raising and heart achingly exquisite. 

From the anything but meek beginnings, Apocalyptica delighted us with their renditions of Master of Puppets and Seek and Destroy which had the audience in a frenzy, and took it upon themselves to raise the roof. Stunning original pieces followed, including relishes from Inquisition Symphony and an intimate session of Bittersweet with the trio – a section which had all eyes focused on them, it was the crowd and the masters of the cello…. During a brief pause in the song one woman took the opportunity to uncouthly yell ‘Yeah you fucking rock gods’ to which we all agreed and cheered for the men once more. Watching Perttu; Apocalyptica’s leading light move about the stage – from left to right, eyes flocked to witness every second of the sheer caliber of this man’s talents. 

A mix of the bands past collaborations were strengthened by Frankie Perez who insisted on crowd participation and who proved his worth and bolstered his appeal with the crowds with his own songs; House of Chains and the title track Shadowmaker. Reflecting on Frankie’s performance in Sydney I believe that this concept has been a tough sell however Frankie continued to intensify his performance and complimented the cellists flawlessly with the vocal tracks. Taking advantage of his strong and crooning voice he then preceded to Grace and I’m not Jesus originally sung by Corey Taylor [Slipknot] a mountain of words can be used to describe the cellists and the charisma of the vocalist but equally the same amount of praise is to be said about drummer Mikko in which the word sharp doesn’t even begin to describe it. The power resonating from the drum kit was intense and Mikko solidifies this band’s stronghold.    

The passion was now literally sweating out of these men as they performed, creating an atmosphere of pure ethereal delight. The love for their craft unwavering, with each bow stroke the energy was palpable and the quartet really started to heat things up leaving an audience that was burning for hours…