Baroness & Grieg (The Triffid, Brisbane)

Bitterly disappointing...

"What?!" I hear readers exclaim, "Baroness and Grieg; bitterly disappointing?" - Well, fear not, I refer to my ailing health not the bands.

I'd had a couple of pretty heinous days prior to the gig so I was looking forward to shaking loose the girders of my soul and getting down with Grieg and Baroness. I'd caught Grieg a few months earlier and was impressed with their massive, albeit difficult to categorise, sound - punky doom, noise-rock? Whatever you call them, they go off, and last night was no different. Their set was brisk with moments of bass-driven fun, coupled with some almost psychedelic guitar runs and riffage to die for. Top marks for Grieg, I say.

During the break between sets, I lined up for a beer. A strange pain began to develop in the core of my being so, being a man, I ignored it and got myself a healing beverage. Within 15 minutes, I thought I was going to die as the excruciating pain increased. "Nope. Not happening." I thought and pushed on, desperately waiting for Baroness to hit the stage. John Dyer Baizley popped out on stage for a brief moment and we all got terribly excited. False alarm - he was merely doing a quick sound-check before disappearing backstage again. By now, I thought that perhaps I should call myself an ambulance, such was the agony ripping through me. Of course I didn't. I resigned myself to the fact that I've seen Baroness each time they've visited our shores over the last couple of years and each time they've blown my mind. I just wouldn't get to see them tonight. Sad but ready for death, I left, tottering down the street like a feeble old man.

Bitterly disappointing...

*Note - death image courtesy of Creative Commons