Maximum Cavalera Tour with King Parrot, Incite & Lody Kong - Oslo, Norway, 6 March 2016

“Shut the fuck up Oslo, we don’t take requests!”

Thank Odin I had booked the entire weekend off from work, because my fellow Aussies, King Parrot were in town with Soulfly and my shit was about to get messy. The boys arrived in Oslo on a boat from Denmark, their bus in tow, complete with Czech Driver and packed to the rafters with duty free booze. Stoked that their night off was when they were in Oslo, I met them for some drinks and for what was originally suppose to be a ‘small’ night out. While they offered me a beer and had the rest cooling in the snow outside, I got to chatting with drummer Toddy Hansen and vocalist Matt Young about how the Maximum Cavalera tour was going for Metal As Fuck…..

Now on the last leg of the Maximum Cavalera tour, with only a few days left of this mammoth European tour; King Parrot weighs in on the highlights. After both agreeing they are enjoying the snow in Norway, Matt resumes on the locations they’ve hit “Yeah, we have covered a lot of ground on this tour, like 18 countries or something. The UK was great. When we played in London, Max’s brother Igor came up on stage and played ‘Roots’ even I got up with Soulfly and covered ‘The Ace of Spades’, which has happened at a few more shows since then. Poland was awesome, Czech Republic, Vienna…. There have been a lot of great shows.” Toddy chimes in, bragging about swimming in the Mediterranean ocean whilst in Spain. I was convinced it was to make me jealous, residing in Norway - I haven’t seen the sun in so long! It was cruel… 

Now one of the reasons we love King Parrot is for your unforgettable live shows. On this tour, you are playing in quite a few places for the first time, how has the reaction from these Audiences been Matt? “Well when you are playing in a city for the first time, most people are standing around with their arms crossed in the beginning. It’s been really encouraging actually, to watch their reactions and see them loosen up as the show goes on. I mean, we always try and put on the show that we would like to see, there aren’t any rules for our shows. Everyone can be their own character and it’s just a genuine expression of who we are as individuals.”

Now I’ve heard a rumor that King Parrot was recording new material over Christmas, when can we expect to hear this new Material? Toddy picks this one up. “After our New Year’s gig in Brisbane….” best city in the world! I add. He chuckles away at his hometown plug “The boys stayed around for ten days after the gig, we hired a shipping container studio over at Bribie Island and we wrote some new stuff. We’ve got about six new songs on the go and I think we’re gonna bust some of those into the set when we do some shows back in Australia.” Ahh… yes, you guys are hitting the ground running as soon as you get back right? “Yes, well we have two weeks off” replies Toddy “Then we are off to play Blacken the Globe in Alice Springs. I’ve never been to Alice so I’m pretty excited, but these guys have played there, before I joined the band.”Youngy steps in, “We’ve played this festival before and it’s an amazing experience getting to play somewhere so remote. Not a lot of bands get the opportunity to go out there. Then we play a mini fest in Perth; some regional shows and then support slots with Five Finger Death Punch, we’re gonna be busy, it’s about nine shows total then we head back to North America to tour with Voivod.”

So you are still loving the tour life, you’re not sick of being on a bus and not having a shower all the time? Toddy gives us the low down, “Nah, we’ve done pretty well with showers on this tour I reckon, I know I’ve done US runs where there has been a good week or two where I haven’t had a shower. I mean, I will go and wash my nuts in the sink.” The three of us all roar with laughter as Matt explains how they all help each other out with the hygiene and….. the talcumpowdering of the balls. “Old ‘Silky Nuts Hansen’ we call him, we are hoping for a baby powder endorsement!”

Searching for the juice, I asked Toddy if anything embarrassing had happened on the bus. “Well, there was something that happened, but I don’t think it was embarrassing, Squizzy drank Slatts’ urine one evening by accident. He took a big swig of the bottle too.”Matt adds in, “yeah, there are often lots of bottles floating around in the back of the bus and poor old Squizzy was parched one evening and grabbed Slatts’ piss bottle.” At this point of the conversation Squizzy walks passed with an inquisitive look, Matt explains to him, “oh yeah, just talking about when you drank Slatts’ piss!” Squizzy nods with a disappointed face,“Oh yeah, but that’s not embarrassing.” Todd clarifies. Matt helps him out “No, no, that’s not embarrassing, it’s just something that happened and now they’re closer friends because of it.” This is all too much for me - as the boys keep their straight faces, I’m bursting out into laughter, so Matt brings me back down earth,“But yeah, in the end, it’s been a great tour, all the bands are really solid and bring something different to the tour. It’s been a great experience for us to play to some different audiences in new places.”Toddy then elaborates “It has also been an honour, welcomed on to the Maximum Cavalera tour, seeing as we are the only band that doesn’t have a Cavelera in it! It’s been awesome to get the chance to play with these guys and to be on tour with the Cavalera family.”

After Toddy and I ripped through a mega night out in Oslo, come morning we both nursed swollen heads that would put even our worst Brisbane hangovers to shame and to make matters worse, this time there was no Red Rooster Chicken to cure them! Throwing Barocca’s down the hatch we headed to the venue, John Dee. We met up with the other bands on tour; including Incite & Lody Kong and I watched in awe as mother hen; tour manager and all round super woman Gloria Cavalera ran around with her clipboard organizing the 18 people she had in the Cavalera tour bus. With set up complete, change rooms sorted and a quick dinner with half of the Cavalera’s, it was time for doors to open!

First up Lody Kong, with two of Max’s sons Igor on vocals and guitar and Zyon on drums; they sure proved that the talent runs in the family. Joined by Noah Shephard on bass and Travis Stone on lead guitar, these boys put on a show with so much energy, it made me want to jump on stage! Their music has been described as a mix of sludge, thrash, punk and grunge. I have to say, despite being quite youthful; their music certainly shows hard work and maturity. Their debut album, Dreams and Visions is to be released March 25th and I know it will be on my wish list. Next it was time for some groove metal with Incite, as Max’s step son Richie controlled the mic with his aggressive growls at the front of the stage; they certainly got everyone standing up. Incite are a very tight live band with an enthusiastic stage show. Giving the crowd zero time to hit the bar - Christoper El, Lennon Lopez and Dru-Tang together with Richie, played an intense set from start to finish. Richie was jumping so high into the air with his rock star kicks and windmills that I was afraid he was going to hit the roof….

Now it was time for King Parrot to show Norway what they were made of. After speaking to some of the punters at the bar, there was a lot who had come to the show purely for our King Parrot. One guy had driven 8 hours to see them, another had hocked in some records to afford a ticket and of course I had brought a few of my mates to the show who were eager King Parrot fans. They arrive on stage in true Aussie attire, topless in shorts and Youngy armed with about 200 water bottles. As they open with The Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash, everyone moves up to the front, I’d like to as well, but this isn’t my first King Parrot rodeo and I’d rather stay dry when it’s snowing outside.

Youngy’s vocals screeched through the ears of all as he singled out the unsuspecting Norwegians with arms crossed or on their phones, emptying out water bottles one after the other to show them exactly who’s show it really was. If he wasn’t pouring the front row’s beers all over them, he was in the crowd making his own mosh pit, or should I say swimming in his own pool. The crowd was in disbelief of Youngy’s antics and they were looking around at each other in bewilderment as Toddy, Ari, Squizzy and Slatts’ joined in creating a performance that Oslo won’t forget anytime soon. Busting out all the favourites they had everyone singing along. Someone yells out “Shit on the liver!” Youngy retorts with “Shut the fuck up Oslo, we don’t take requests!” Yet finishing up with Shit on the liver, a gob smacked and soaking wet audience not knowing what the hell they just witnessed, made a run for the bar to refill their beers….

Without further ado Soulfly hit the stage, by now the room was packed, opening with We Sold Our Souls to Metal, the band got everyone excited, chanting along and remembering why we fell in love with the Vocals of Brazilian born Max Cavalera. Along with Max, his son Zyon, followed in his uncle’s footsteps on drums, Marc Rizzo on lead guitar and Mike Leon on bass, they pumped out classic after classic including many Sepultura covers such as Refuse/Resist and of course Roots Bloody Roots. I’ve been to many shows in Norway and I couldn’t believe the amount of energy the crowd gave to Soulfly. The room was a giant mosh pit by the time they finished with Eye for an eye.  My friends and I kept asking ourselves if we were still in Norway while watching the entire room jumping up and down in what you would’ve seen at a Sepultura show in the 90’s. But I guess when Max Cavalera tells you to Jump, you fucking jump!

So there it was, my first time seeing Soulfly and watching King parrot slaughter their Norwegian debut. I made lots of new friends and received some great cuddles from old friends, although at the rate that King Parrot are going, I’m sure I will see them sooner, rather than later. I waved off the boys in their tour bus, then I walked home in the snow feeling proud as punch to be an Aussie and I looked forward to my next adventure in this Winter wonderland.



*Photo courtesy of Dresden performance