Ill Niño, Terror Universal @ The Metro, Sydney 4/8/2017

This gig was the side wave that was meant to be...

Ill Nino are back in Australia after a long stint between visits to play their first album 'Revolution Revolucion' in full! I must admit I have not listened to this band for some time but it's definitely a nostalgic gig as this takes me back to fifteen years old in high school blasting this album non-stop on my discman....Let us not speak of this, I'm not that old.


Both Ill Nino and Terror Universal were suppose to play at Soundwave 2016 which we all know was doomed. I think this gig was the side wave that was meant to be. This was their third stop of the tour, I had read reviews about the previous concerts and it certainly lived up to the expectations the reviews gave me.


The crowd at first was very sedate, I was tied to the bar and had my own personal moshing space which is something I have never had. No surges, being pushed up against the bar, everyone had their area and were fine with that. I counted less than ten crowd surfers being pulled from the wreckage all night, sometimes being at the bar can be havoc when security are trying to pull crowd surfers safely over the top of you but no issues what so ever. The circle pit was contained within the people that wanted to participate.


Having former members from Machine Head and Soulfly in particular I was keen to see American horror band Terror Universal live on stage. Despite the band only having their debut EP, they played a very energetic and tight set. Opening up with their first single “Welcome to Hell” the crowd was screaming lyric for lyric to this song. Their last song was a cover of Rob Zombie's 'Super Beast' which was entertaining to say the least and finished their set off well. Their debut album “Make them Bleed' is out October Friday the 13th.


Ill Nino has always branded their original style as 'Latin Metal' and seeing them live showed that. With six members to the band they were extremely energetic and always moving around stage for the fans and could not hold back their excitement to be back in Australia after so long. The band played the album in full and even had time for additional songs. There was a Latin based acoustic ballad to really accentuate their Latin vibe. There was also 'How Can I Live' which was the song that most fans were waiting for. Machado also made a very touching tribute to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington with the theme of everyday this happens to people we do not know and that we need to take care of each other. To end the night when Ill Nino were saying their goodbyes the daughter of drummer Chavarri came on stage for a bow and a wave to the delight of the crowd who in return gave her a roaring applause.


After the reviews and comments from people that have gone to these concerts it would be fair to say it will not be as longer wait to see these bands in Australia again.