Thy Art Is Muder @ The Basement, 2/8/2017

It was great to see everyone looking after the next generation of metal fans...

On a winter Wednesday night there's no place after a long day at work than to go home and curl up in front of the heater. Not tonight and not for me, for there is no other place that I would rather be this evening and there's a very good reason. Tonight I'm at the Basement in Canberra to see Thy Art is Murder on their second stop of their 'Death Sentence' tour.

First band off the bill is Deadlights a metal, rock band from Brisbane. This was their first time playing in Canberra and they were very grateful for all the people that came to listen to them considering it was a Wednesday night. They have crafted a sound and live show that's truly unique, with the heavy riffs and between clean and dirty vocals they really did put on a show and definitely grew their fan base due to this.

Hailing from Perth a percussive hardcore band Cursed Earth then hit the stage. This band formed in 2013 and have been turning heads in the heavy music scene for some time. From the very first song they had the pit moving, people screaming every lyric to every song played. I have seen this band before in a bigger venue and I must say the smaller venues really do suit them better. With Luders vocals roaring throughout the venue they are really making a very powerful statement and are moving up in popularity at a rapid rate.

Melbourne five piece Alpha Wolf were next to perform. This band has worked tirelessly to create something different but inherently familiar. Between the heavy downbeat riffs and mixture of groovy nu-metal all existing at the same time this has completely made it their own personal sound. It is fair to say that this band is on their way to carving our their own place in the Australian metal scene.

When Thy Art is Murder were about to begin the whole pub went silent. McMahon comes out in a hoodie and stands on a extended bit of the stage which made him overlook everyone (thank you for that by the way from all the 5ft tall people) and straight into 'Holy War'. The whole venue instantly starting moshing and moving from the front to the back (which I have rarely seen at many gigs). 

Between each song McMahon would crack jokes about Canberra and how he wasn't really a fan of the “Strange city” but we were changing his mind, also a snide joke/comment about how his label will not be impressed that the show did not sell out. He certainly didn't hold back on what he thought. Everyone was in awe of the brutal and controlled vocals and heavy riffs that just punched you in the chest. But there was one fan there that had a better night than the rest of us. McMahon mentioned that before he went on stage he was approached by a twelve year old boy and his father, 'Johnno' told McMahon that this was his first gig ever and that he had to become because McMahon is his idol.

Before playing another song McMahon surprised the young kid and got him up on stage, covering his ears he tells the crowd “if any of you cunts out there drop this young boy, I will drop you from the roof of the biggest building”. After assuring 'Johnno' that the crowd would look after him he places him on top of the crowd to surf for their next song. It was great to see everyone looking after the next generation of metal fans.

This gig being on a Wednesday night did not slow down anyone with the thoughts of I have to work tomorrow. It was the best way to spend hump day.