Event Reviews

A ritualistic coming together of teachers and supplicants for the purpose of celebration... at high volume...
A big hardcore leap out of my comfort zone.
Locked and loaded presence and hard exterior, unleash forth a beast in both men and woman.
On the penultimate night of their UK tour, Continents rock The Barfly, Camden with support from When We Were Wolves.
Thirteen Australian Metal bands on one stage in support of Autism Queensland.
Melbourne worshipped music beneath the pulpit of Anthrax ahead of the Soundwave Festival, Fozzy providing their own brand of explosive devotion.
pakman2525 is off to Sydney Soundwave again. 2013 had a whole heap of changes – most, as you’ll hear, are for the better.
"Thanks for not fucking forgetting about us!" Dave King and Flogging Molly give Brisbane something to remember at their Tuesday night Sidewave.
I Don't Care If You're Taking A Shit! You Will Bang Your Fucking Head!
Blink 182? Garbage! The howling spirit of dirty rock n' roll punched its way up through the Corner Hotel summoned by Gallows and Shai Hulud.