Event Reviews

Professionalism and experience wins the day...
The UK punk veterans celebrated their 35th birthday with some spirited Aussie performances last week; MaF caught their Sydney show...
Smiling, Singing, Good Times! That's exactly what I like to see. So says Matt Heafy.
It has been 20 years since Saxon last rocked Oxford. Tonight was an electric return.
Almost like a real festival... because it bloody well is! Welcome to the Damnation Festival...
Do ya wanna get rocked?
Crotchety metal and duelling guitars – just what a Halloween hangover needs!
The future of thrash shows its (Serpent’s) teeth.
Male or Female. Young or Old. Hipster. Nerd. Metal Head. Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Diamond Plate made everyone happy!
Forty-five Minutes is NOT enough for a Sabaton gig!!