Event Reviews

Metal Talk's Pippa Lang was on hand at the Kings Cross Pub last month to bring Metal as Fuck all the gen on the former Maiden throatsmith's return to the live arena...
Your wedding day, your spouse's birthday, an Iron Maiden tour; there are some things in life you simply can't miss.
A cold monday night in Canberra - surely no on will turn up?
The first Concussion Convention had its delegates in rapt attention and passed a resolution to rock out and rock hard.
Metal as Fuck heads along to the playback of Evile's third album, Five Serpent's Teeth, plus a performance by the band themselves. And there's free beer.
Shit! They're good live...
The iconic house of metal and punk in Melbourne, the Arthouse closed its doors at the end of April. We headed along to the historic last ever metal show featuring Embodied, Alarum, Earth and many more.
"We are Motorhead and we play rock and fucking roll." These are the first words Ian Lemmy Kilmister says every time he steps up on stage. And he's right - that's exactly what they do. It's like he's reminding people that regardless of how many drunken arguments you might have about whether the latest band is thrash metal, death metal or black metal, whether something is prog rock or space rock, or whatever the fuck else, one simple fact remains: It's all rock and roll.
What else can you say? Scream for me Melbourne!
There's a reason this is late. Count Gorlock actually died, and was happily in Heaven. However, one day he checked his emails and remembered he hadn't posted day 2, and pleaded with God to be sent back down so he could spread his words of wisdom like a smellier, less hirsute John the Baptist. He was halfway through getting sucked off by Michael Jackson when he found out btw, so I hope you're happy.