Event Reviews

The last minute decision to jump on a train to Copenhagen was well worth it…
Combining this frenzy with Metallica’s bombastic appearance on stage made for a powerful jolt to the senses. For a minute, I forgot why I was there – so overwhelmed I was by the band before me. Last time I saw them was in the 80s on the ‘And Justice For All’ tour; and now, here I was, in the pit, feeling James Hetfield’s stare cut right through me.
The French enviro-metallers end three years of touring The Way of All Flesh with a bang in Krakow, making a particular Australian MAF contributor very happy.
Yeah, Gorlock went back to Bloodstock again. Fuck knows why.
Not even torrential rainfall could keep 47,000 Swedes (and at least one Aussie) from witnessing that which is SONISPHERE, arguably Europe's biggest and best touring metal festival.
A year ago almost to the day.............
Good times were had.... by some.
The Black Dahlia Murder did not disappoint, despite my heavy anticipation. Unearth I was less excited about. But you'll see why...
Trigger The Bloodshed recently toured to support the release of latest album Degenerate. Metal as Fuck was lucky enough to live a mile or so away from an intimate warm up show.