Event Reviews

Fans revelled in Chimaira's blend of hardcore and thrashy American metal, but left much to be desired.
Australia's favourite metal sons Destroyer 666 rip their hometown a new one with a thrilling night of evil and mayhem.
Chimaira infect a rabid Sydney crowd with an unrelentless onslaught of pure hatred, while leaving nothing behind.
A small group of Perth punters woke up on Thursday morning suffering from severe bangovers, and this is why…
The gig had its moments, but overall was just a bunch of old brutal death metal bands not really doing anything new or original.
Australia’s most evil export destroys all in their path, including around 100 lucky punters
A mishmash of genres makes for an interesting and, to some, rather confusing, night out.
Ripping down the trendy techno club from the walls, the all Finnish (well, almost) power metal extravaganza kicked its way around Melbourne, leaving Aussie metal punters craving more.
Cynic were peaceful; Edguy was enormous amounts of fun. It was a weird-as-hell lineup, but a great show nonetheless, and a fucking brilliant start to the metal year.
Although the crowd numbered few, the vicious force of an all-death metal show descended upon Melbourne.