Event Reviews

An assembly of performers from every corner of the globe come together to show everyone that, here in Seattle, the death metal scene is alive and well.
Two visits in the same tour? Not many bands can do that, Opeth can and did just that. They put on an excellent performance combining their brand of metal intertwined with some dry humour, which no doubt pleased the rabid crowd.
Some would say that this show kicks the shit out of all the previous shows this year; but I'm not going to go there any more or make comparisons because it's too hard after the year of awesome tours we've had. Suffice it to say that it was killer.
Despite trying to play in near darkness, the veteran death metal outfit slayed admirably in the midst of a November scorcher.
On a muggy and rainy evening, Floridian death metallers Obituary hit Sydney to deliver a solid & blistering set that proved why they are one of the stalwarts of their genre.
Fellow contributor Goatlady, exclaimed, in her review of the Perth show, 'we're not worthy' in regards to this much great metal at once. Fuck, how right she was. Where do I begin?
Being somewhat of a metal version of a UN Summit comprised of punters, media and nominees from Australia's music community, there was a common goal at the Australian Metal Awards: to celebrate the recognition of the best of Australia's metal scene.
The Arch Enemy-Suffocation Australian tour kicks off in Perth. This much great metal? We’re not worthy.
A live performance review is supposed to be a carefully written critical account of an event, stemming from the reviewer’s observations and notes on the band’s performance, song selection and delivery, the audio quality, lighting and other venue-influenced factors, and the crowd response. Fuck me. This is just not that kind of review.
It’s Kreator. Does any more need to be said?