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A night of death, glam and rock n’ roll.
From start to finish, this show was absolute gold. Aussie thrashers Mortal Sin put on a killer set and did their best to warm up the crowd for Kreator; but when Kreator hit the stage they weren't so much upstaged as seen to be in a completely different class. The German thrash gods played thrash the way it's meant to be: fast, intense, and without compromise.
Mid-week gigs are normally a hard one to predict in terms of crowd attendance. But, being a Thursday night in late September, the punters were lined up en-masse at Sydney's Metro Theatre for their dose of legendary German thrash metallers Kreator, backed by Australian thrash icons Mortal Sin.
And so lovable Count Gorlock returned unscathed from Derby. After three days of bitching, sniping and general unpleasantness it was finally over. You'd think he had the worst time ever, the unappreciative shit. So why is he sad it's all over? Read on...
Despite all of the bands I've ever seen, I have to admit that until Friday night I hadn't had the pleasure of Cannibal Corpse. The two support acts I also hadn't seen for a while, so was looking forward to a generically good night. What I didn't expect that it would be quite so good as it was. This show fucking slayed.
It's Day 3. The grumbling arsehole we sent to Derby is still alive. We did not predict this. Time to send in the poisoned vegetarian delicacies...
Veteran shock rocker takes Perth audience on a rollercoaster ride through his Theatre of Death as reviewer attempts to use all clichés in opening sentence.
The old shock rocker Alice Cooper still has what it takes and showed a sold out crowd at Thebby that you can get old and still be a hard rocking, mad as a loon, dirty old man and the crowd will love you for it!
Here it is. Day 2. Our correspondent speaks like a man who has seen wars and undergone great tragedy, when in actuality he's just spent another day in a field getting drunk and miserable. The pussy. Read on as Metal as Fuck gets its face blasted again, but this time the metal has nothing to do with it...
Three days in a field, surrounded by hessians, booze and burger vans. Is this hell? No. It's Derby. Metal as Fuck attended the Bloodstock Open Air festival and got its face blasted to bits by metal. Read on!