Event Reviews

Shock rock royalty Alice Cooper returns to Australia with a new show.
Call it what you will: thinking man's metal, progressive rock or a throwback to the '80s... Queensrÿche put on one hell of a show in Perth in support of their latest album, American Soldier.
Alice Cooper, still king of Shock Rock after 40 years.
Proof that metal is alive and well, and very, very diverse here in Western Australia. As well as pretty fucking hilarious.
For a chilly Saturday night, Selina's at Coogee Beach Hotel was the place for the local rock punter to be as Australia's Cog and special guests, Manchester's Oceansize, delivered a live spectacle that had to be seen to be believed.
From one extreme end of Australia to the other: Tasmanian bands show Perth how it's done.
This is death metal.
A wholesome night of good old Metaaaaaaaaaaaaal (ish)
Having Cradle of Filth in the City of Churches caused a lot of excitement, and they played a pretty good set. But Dani Filth walking off-stage in the middle of a track, thereby pretty much ending the show, was baffling, a little bit unprofessional, and a bad way to end a good night.
Trivium proudly fly the flag of traditional metal in the last show of their Australian tour.