Event Reviews

Of strained necks and seasoned death vets...
Aeon of Horus, A Million Dead Birds Laughing & The Schoenberg Automaton.... If your mouths aren't watering yet, you have no soul...
Thrashing SLC.
Pakman2525 travels over to Sin City to catch Iron Maiden and Megadeth!
Following one of the finest debut albums of the year so far, Neuronspoiler continued to support their stellar album alongside metal brothers Primitai.
Three days of extreme music, set in the picturesque Lithuanian countryside. Here's a European festival to add to your bucket list!
Goblin terrified Melbourne with their inimitable Giallo classics on a chilly Sunday night. Goblin creep, bolt and stalk from the very heart of metal itself…
The Ritual of Darkness: The day that São Paulo was cursed by Satan Himself.
Brazilian metal doesn’t always get esteem from Brazilians, but when it does, it’s for real.