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[last updated 5 February 2010; added: Order of Ennead, St Madness]

3 Inches of Blood @3iob

Aborted @abortedmetal

Absu @absu

Abysmal Dawn @abysmal_dawn

Alabama Thunderpussy @ATPva

Alex Webster @AlexCannibal

All Shall Perish @allshallperish

Amorphis @_amorphis

Andreas Kisser @andreaskisser

Antagonist @antagonistmetal

Anterior @anteriorband

Anthrax @anthrax

Antigama @antigama

Arch Enemy @archenemymetal

Architects @architectsuk

Armarna Reign @ArmarnaReign

Armored Saint @thearmoredsaint

Arsonists Get All The Girls @agatg

As I Lay Dying @asilaydyingband

As You Drown @asyoudrown

Atreyu @atreyuofficial

Austrian Death Machine @austriandeath

Baroness @yourbaroness

Beheaded @UnholyCult

Beheaded (Malta) @BeheadedMT

Behemoth @behemothband

Better Left Unsaid @blumusic

Black Majesty @blackmajesty

Bleeding Through @bleedingthrough

Blessed By a Broken Heart @bbabhofficial

Blunt Force Trauma (Australia) @ausbluntforce

Brand New Sin @brandnewsin

Brazen Bull @brazen_bull

Bring Me The Horizon @bmthofficial

Brutal Truth @brutaltruthny

BTBAM @btbamofficial

Bumblefoot @bumblefoot

Buried in Verona @buriedinverona

Burnt By the Sun @burntbythesunnj

Cage @cageheavymetal

Caliban @calibanofficial

Callisto @callistochaos

Callejon @callejonmetal

Cancer Bats @cancerbats

Century @century_pa

Cephalic Carnage @cephaliccarnage

Children of Bodom @blooddrunk 

Chimaira @chimairaband

Chimaira's Mark @chimairamark

Condemned to Live @condemnedtolive

Converge @convergecult

Contrive (Aus) @contriveaus

Cult of Luna @cultofluna

Cryptopsy @cryptopsymetal

Cult of Luna @cultofluna

Daath @daathofficial

Dark Tranquillity (band) @dtofficial

Dark Tranquillity (label) @dtmetal

Darkness Dynamite @darknessdynamit

David Shankle Group @davidshankedsg

Death Angel @deathangel

Deathstars @deathstars

Decapitated @decapitated

Decomposed God @decomposedgod

Decrepit Birth @decrepitbirth

Dehydrated Goat @dehydratedgoat

Dekapitator @dekapitatorband

Delain @delainmusic

Demonoid @_demonoid

Despise and Conquer @despiseandconquer

Despised Icon @despisedicon

Destination Void @destinationvoid

Devin Townsend @dvntownsend

Devour The Masses @dtmband

Dew Scented @dewscented

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter @reitermania

Diecast @diecast1

Dimmu Borgir (band) @dimmuborgir666

Dimmu Borgir (label) @dimmu_borgir

Dismal Lapse @dismallapse

Divine Heresy @divineheresy

Divinity @divinitymetal

Double Dragon @doubledragonau

Down @downnola

Dream Evil @dreamevilmetal

Droid @droidmusic

Dying Fetus @dyingfetusband

Dyscord @dyscordmetal

Earth Crisis @earthcrisis

Echoes of Eternity @eoe_metal

Edguy @_edguy

Eluveitie @eluveitie

Empery @empery

Enslaved @enslavedband

Entwine @entwineofficial

Epica @_epica

Eradicate @eradicate_dm

Eryn Non Dae @ErynNonDae

Evergreen Terrace @evergreenterrac

Every Timed I Die @etidwastaken

Evile @evileuk

Ex Deo @exdeo

Exodus @_exodus

Fairytale Abuse @fairytaleabuse

Fear My Thoughts @fearmythoughts

Finntroll @finntrollmusic

Firewind @firewindmusic

Forever In Terror @foreverinterror

Frankenbok @frankenbok

Full Blown Chaos @fullblownchaos

Goatwhore @goatwhorenola

God Forbid @godforbidmusic

Gored @goredband

Gorefest @gorefest

Gorod @gorod_dm

H&H Metal @handhmetal

Hammerfall @hammerfall4real

Hatchet Dawn @hatchet_dawn

Hatebreed @hatebreed

Hatesphere @hatesphere

Harvest The Deceased @htdfl

Heaven Shall Burn @officialhsb

Heavenwood @heavenwood

Heidevolk @heidevolk

Helloween @helloweenorg

Hellmouth @hellmouth666

Helltrain @punkassrotnroll

Holy Grail @holygrailband

Howl @howlmetal

Howsie Noise @howsienoise

I @abbathi

I Decay @i_decay

Immortal @immortalband

Incite @inciteband

Inevitable End @InevitableEnd

In Flames @InFlames_SWE

Insomnium @insomniumband

Into Eternity @intoeternity

In This Moment @officialitm

Intronaut @intronaut

Iwrestedabearonce @iwabo

It Dies Today @ItDiesToday

Jeff Loomis @jeffloomis

Jucifer @juciferusa

Jungle Rot @junglerot

Kataklysm @kataklysmband

Keep of Kalessin @keepofkalessinx

Kill What I Adore @killwhatiadore

Killswitch Engage @kseofficial

King Diamond @king_diamond

Kivimetsan Druidi @officialkmd

Krisiun @krisiun

Lacrimas Profundere @lacrimasoff

Landmine Marathon @teamlandmine

Lazarus A.D. @lazarusad

LoveHateHero @lovehatehero

Luna Mortis @lunamortismusic

Machine Head @officialmh

Man Must Die @manmustdie

Mantic Ritual @manticjeff

Maroon @maroonhate

Mastodon @cracktheskye

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster @matsod

Megadeth @megadeth

Merauder @meraudernyc

Michael Amott @Michael_Amott

Milking the Goatmachine @milkingthegoat

Misery Signals @miserysignals

Mnemic @mnemicofficial

Mortal Love @mortallove

Mortiis @mortiis

Municipal Waste @municipalwaste

Nachtmystium @nachtmystium

Naglfar @officialnaglfar

Napalm Death @officialnd

Necrophagist @necrophagistDE

Netherbird @netherbird

Nevermore @nevermoremetal

New Eden @newedenband

Nile @nilecatacombs

No Assembly Required @narmusic

Nocturnal Rites @nocturnalrites

Norma Jean @normajeanband

Norther @northermetal

Obscura @obscuraband

Oh, Sleeper @weareohsleeper

Old Man's Child @oldmanschild

Order of Ennead @orderofennead

Origin @originband

Orphaned Land @orphanedland

Otep @otepofficial

Ozzy Osbourne @OfficialOzzy

Pantera @officialpantera

Paradise Lost @paradiselostuk

Paria @pariamusic

Pentagram @bobbyliebling

Pig Destroyer @pigdestroyerva

Pilgrimz @pilgrimz

Poison Black @officialpb

Power Quest @pqsymphony

Project86 @project86band

Psyopus @psyopus

Ralph Santolla @santolla

Revenant Dead @revenantdead

Revocation @revocation

St. Madness @stmadness

Saltatio Mortis @saltatiomortis

Samael @samaelofficial

Savatage @savatage

Scale the Summit @scalethesummit

Se Bon Ki Ra @sebonkira

Seita @seitaband

Sepultura @sepularmy

Shadows Fall @shadowsfallband

Shai Hulud @shaihulud

Sirenia @sireniaofficial

Skeletonwitch @skeletonwitch

Skinlab @skinlab

Slayer @slayerband

Soilent Green @soilentgreen

Suicide Silence @suicidesilence

Susperia @susperiaband

Sonic Syndicate @LoveOrDisaster

StaticX @officialstaticx

Suffocation @suffocationband

Swashbuckle @swashbuckleband

Sylosis @sylosis

Testament @testamentlegion

Textures @texturesband

The Acacia Strain @theacaciastrain

The Agonist @theagonist

The Chariot @thechariotjams

The Crimson Armada @tcaband

The Crinn @thecrinn

The Funeral Pyre @thefuneralpyre

The Gathering @thegathering

The Haunted @thehauntedband

The Plague Black @theplagueblack

The Red Chord @theredchord

The Rotted (f.k.a Gorerotted) @therotted

Threat Signal @threat_signal

Through The Eyes of the Dead @tteotd

Thy Will Be Done @TWBD

Tobias Sammet @tobiassammet

Too Pure to Die @toopuretodie

Toxic Holocaust @toxicholocaust

Trap Them @trapthem

Trivium @triviumofficial

Truth Corroded @truth_corroded

Turisas @turisas

Tyr @tyrband

Unearth @unearthofficial

Universum @universumband

UnSun @unsun

Vision Divine @visiondivine

Voivod @voivoddotnet

Warbringer @warbringerband

Warrel Dane @warrel_dane

We Were Gentlemen @weweregentlemen

Whitechapel @whitechapelband

Winds of Plague @windsofplague

Woe of Tyrants @woeoftyrants

Wolf @wolfmetal

Xtrunk @xtrunk

Zimmer's Hole @zimmershole

Zonaria @zonaria